As online casinos have evolved over the last few decades we’ve seen the rise of new game varieties, as well as entirely new forms of gaming. Perhaps the biggest innovation of the digital casino age, live casino gaming brings together elements of classic casino gameplay with a digital interface.

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For those looking to try out the experience of live casino in the UK, read on as we break down exactly how this format works and the technology powering it.

The live casino basics

At its most basic, live casino is the fusion of live elements with online gameplay. Rather than playing with a computer acting as the dealer, these games use live streaming technology to connect players with a human dealer.

Dealers operate out of dedicated studios – sometimes located in a physical casino – and are responsible for conducting the flow of the game, as well as handling physical game components such as cards and dice.

Players interact with the dealer through a dedicated chat function, with their online interface allowing them to select their actions for the game.

Many popular casino games now have live versions on offer, including Poker, Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat.

The technology behind live casino games

A surprising amount of technology goes into delivering live casino games, beyond just the cameras and video streaming setup.

These games often feature multiple high-quality cameras running simultaneously, capturing various different angles that players can choose between. This offers a layer of customisation, as each player can focus on the elements that they prefer to watch without losing out on the details of the wider game.

Optical character recognition (OCR) is one of the most important components of a live casino studio. This allows the camera to capture physical game elements such as cards and dice, converting them into data that the computer can process. OCR enables seamless game flow, as the cameras instantly capture and convert the results into a form that the online players can interact with.

Another important piece of the setup is the game control unit (GCU), which is a small black box attached to the gaming table. Similarly to the OCR, the device is responsible for encoding the video stream and transmitting it smoothly to players’ devices.

Together, these two technical components allow the live casino game to proceed at the same pace as it would if all the players were in the same room. This seamless experience is a big part of what makes live casino games such a popular choice.

The flow of live casino games

Unlike other online casino games, players joining a live casino game can end up joining partway through an active game. This means that you may sometimes have to wait for the dealer to conclude a round before being able to join in on the action.

As live casino games are played with a live dealer and other active players, making plays in a timely manner is essential. Players are all given the same set amount of time to decide on their move or wager, allowing the game to proceed at a consistent pace without delays.

For many players, live casino games strike the ideal balance between the convenience of online play and the more traditional element of a live dealer. Now that you know more about how this fusion gaming experience works, perhaps a live game of Blackjack or Roulette is on the cards for you.

, Live casino – How it works, Days of a Domestic Dad