If you are an aspiring Italian immigrant, having ancestral roots in the country is a stroke of luck. Your bloodline may make you eligible for citizenship by descent, one of the most popular immigration routes for the country.

The best thing about the process is that it is relatively straightforward and gives you good chances of getting in. But some loopholes can still hinder your journey. Luckily, collaborating with a citizenship expert can address the smallest concerns and simplify your journey. You can get in touch with the team of mbersanilaw.com to understand how the collaboration can benefit you. Let us explain why expert guidance is a must-have for applicants looking to secure Italian citizenship by descent.

Eligibility guidelines may get confusing

You may get stuck right at the beginning of the process because eligibility guidelines are confusing. Just having Italian ancestors does not qualify you for citizenship by descent. You have to fulfill other conditions as well. Your ascendant should have been an Italian citizen after 1861, the year of formation and unification of the country.

They must not have been naturalized elsewhere before the birth of the next person in line. Likewise, exceptions regarding the 1948 Rule may apply if you claim through a female ascendant who gave birth before 1948. Only an expert can guide you about eligibility and exceptions. They ensure that you pick the apt route rather than waste time struggling with eligibility concerns.

Gathering Italian documents can be daunting

Another reason you need a local professional to support you with the process is they can help you with the paperwork. The success of your initiative boils down to documentation validating your Italian bloodline. You will have to gather your ancestor’s birth, marriage, and death certificates from their local comune.

Accessing age-old documents from a comune of another country can be daunting for an average applicant. But having an Italian citizenship expert working for you changes the picture. They have the right connections and understand how the process works. It means they can procure the papers for you without any hassles.

Tying up loose ends get easy with guidance

Besides understanding the eligibility requirements and getting local documents, a lot more goes into the application process. You need more documents such as your IT proofs and your ancestor’s naturalization records in the other country. More importantly, you have to get them translated and apostilled for making them valid for the process. The smallest errors and omissions can slow down your dual citizenship journey. The consulate officers will probably ask for more documents if they are not satisfied with the application. A citizenship professional can help you tie up loose ends and ensure that you complete the process seamlessly.

Guidance from an expert goes a long way in easing the application process for citizenship by descent claim. You have peace of mind with experts showing the way as there is hardly a chance of errors in your applications. It takes you a step closer to your citizenship goals without any delays and hassles.

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