If you feel intimidated by the iGaming industry as a punter, think of what the new operators might go through! However, the fear only affects how many new sites appear worldwide every year. Including Kenya, of course.

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How to Use the New Betting Sites in Kenya

If you’re a newcomer in the betting industry, you might still need to be made aware of how everything works. Here at Days of a Domestic Dad, we believe it’s a staggering opportunity to share the characteristics of new bookmakers. It will be fun because you’ll learn to choose the best one out of a dozen or more!

However, we are not betting professionals. But Jimmy Daytona from BetZillion is. He will help us understand the most critical aspects of registering at new Kenyan betting sites.

Jimmy Daytona Answers Days of a Domestic Dad: Are Betting Sites Legal in Kenya?

If you follow what’s going on in the iGaming industry, you might already know that legality is crucial for both punters and operators. Both parties can get into trouble if they don’t comply with a country’s existing laws.

Tim advises you to relax because online gambling is legal in the country! Pretty much all forms of gambling are legal! You can choose from a massive list of 75 betting sites right now! The land in question today is Kenya.

Another thing that sets Kenya apart from many other African countries is the existence of its own gambling regulatory body. The majority of African countries are yet to modernize their gambling laws. As a result, all online betting sites that accept players from those countries are offshore.

Sure, Kenya, too, has its fair share of offshore operators. However, they’re bound to obtain a license from the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB). As for all the new betting sites, they must follow in the footsteps of their predecessors.

The bottom line is that whether a betting site is new or has a lot of experience in the international market, both are required to obtain a local Kenyan license.

To know more – watch this video.

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What Currencies and Payment Methods Can You Expect?

Payment methods have always been a primary concern for real money players. While most punters are content with 1 or 2 local methods, others require a good itinerary of international methods too.

As for the currency, all new betting sites in Kenya must accept Kenyan Shilling (KSH). You won’t see a brand that boasts a license from BCLB but doesn’t accept KSH.

As for payment methods, very popular among punters are:

  • M-Pesa,
  • aySera,
  • PayU.

You can use those if you have a bank account and a Visa/MasterCard credit or debit card in your wallet or purse.

The astonishing thing about the payment methods in Kenya is that you can use PayPal! Only a few countries from the continent of Africa can claim the same.

Do You Have to Pay Taxes for Gambling Winnings?

Sure, living in an iGaming-regulated jurisdiction is fantastic. You get plenty of options to place your bets. At the same time, you can remain stress-free about any legal troubles that might come your way.

However, if the government regulates something, it usually means it’s for monetization purposes. So, do you have to pay taxes for your winnings from new betting sites? Put taxes.

The answer is yes, you do. The winnings that you receive in your payment method already comes taxed. It’s 7.5% at the time of writing.

Jimmy Daytona’s Guide to Bonuses in Kenya

We know it’s a bit late in the content, but Tim likes to keep the suspense up. He’s finally agreed to share what he knows about bonuses in new betting sites in Kenya. Bonuses have always been a significant aspect of online gambling. It’s only standard that Kenyan bettors love them too.

So, what bonuses can you expect when betting at the new bookmakers in the country?

Welcome Bonus

If you need help finding other bonuses on a new betting site, you might be looking at the wrong site. Almost all iGaming operators offer bonuses for new players! And the most common form of a welcome bonus is a deposit match.

Essentially, your first deposit in your gambling account is matched by 100%. So, if you deposit 5,000 KSH, the operator will credit another 5,000 KSH to your bonus account. In total, you can now start betting with a 10,000 KSH bankroll.

While 100% is the most common match percentage, there are others. It ultimately depends on how the bonus policy is designed. Operators sometimes pay 50%, 75%, and even 200% match bonuses.

Free Bets

Free bets are the most popular form of an online sportsbook bonus. If you’re familiar with vouchers, free bets operate similarly. Once you get these betting credits, you can place real money bets without spending any money from your account.

Free bets can also come in various shapes and forms. Risk-free bets are not returned free bets, cash-back free bets, etc., just some of them. Remember, you wager the winnings you get from a free wager. If the gamble fails, you don’t get any rewards.

Odds Boosts

If you know how to read sports betting odds, you know how to bet. In betting, odds imply the likelihood of an event and how much you can win. So, getting boosted odds means getting an increased payout. It’s as simple as that.

Odds boosts are usually offered on selected sports. From what we’ve seen, these bonuses are time-sensitive. It means they expire after a specific time. You’ll need to keep your eyes on the promotions page to know whether a betting site offers odds boosts.

Accumulator Bonuses

If you’re unaware, an accumulator or ACCA bet is when you include multiple selections within the same wager. The global average is a minimum of 4 choices for accumulators. Some bookmakers may consider a bet as ACCA if it has 3 selections.

Many new betting sites offer additional bonuses on Accumulator bets. A common way to achieve that is by providing a bonus increase for every selection you add. The growth can be 1%, 2%, 5%, or whatever the operator thinks is justified.

Tips for Using New Betting Sites

On an ending note, Tim has decided to share some tips that you can use when signing up for a new betting site in Kenya.

  1. Before you deposit, check the minimum deposit requirement for the welcome bonus. If you deposit lower than the required amount, you’ll disqualify yourself from the prize. And it’s an irreversible process.
  2. When registering your account, always use legit and verifiable information. Your betting account is subject to KYC verification down the line. Failing that will result in account suspension. It means you’ll lose all the money in your account.

Never bias your opinion when betting. Just because you’re a fan doesn’t mean that particular team or player will win. If you genuinely want to succeed in sports betting, you must place bets backed by research.