Many of the games that feature in casinos have been around for centuries. Even slot machines are over a hundred years old now. When all your games have their origins in previous centuries, it’s easy to think that their gameplay might not feel as fresh as it once did.

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That’s where fusion games come into play. By bringing together elements of different classic games, these add a touch of freshness to the mechanics and gameplay that have been around for years. One of the biggest fusion games is Slingo Bingo, which fuses parts of Bingo with the reels and other elements of Slots.

So, let’s take a look at just how games like Slingo go about bringing a new dimension to classic casino gameplay.

Blending genres

Fusion games take some of the best parts of their inspirations, bringing them together into an experience that is both new and familiar at the same time.

Not only does this change up the formula of a game, but it creates an entirely fresh twist on things in the process.

Table games and slot machines both have their unique styles of gameplay and bringing these together makes for the perfect combination!

Innovating on classic mechanics

Online games have already shown that developers can take classic gameplay mechanics and put fresh spins on them. Slot machines especially have seen a lot of innovation and evolution since the move to online play.

But there’s only so much that you can change the mechanics within the original game. Fusion games offer developers the chance to try even more things, taking parts of classic mechanics and turning them into something new.

Combining elements from Slots and Bingo allows Slingo to innovate the traditional Bingo gameplay experience. With the reels giving players numbers, rather than a caller drawing numbers one by one, the game runs just as smoothly.

In Slingo, the goal is for players to complete as many of the lines on their 5×5 grid as possible before they run out of spins. This is a very different approach to a typical Bingo game, especially as some Slingo varieties feature wild symbols that may offer an additional spin, although this all comes down to chance.

The online platform

Fusion games like Slingo have been able to exist thanks to the shift to online gaming. Online casinos offer far more varieties, creating the space for newer games to sit alongside their staple classics.

Just as some varieties of Slots benefit from the online space, the same is true for some fusion games. It would be hard to implement Slingo without the support of a screen, as the spinning reels are an integral part of its gameplay.

Fusion games are a modern spin on casino classics that offer players a fresh and innovative twist on familiar gameplay. By taking the best parts of existing games, they create something new that can stand alone and create its own popularity within the casino gaming industry.