Hot Chocolate Milk Unleashed

When it’s cold outside, thoughts turn to hot chocolate – and the perfect time to think about jazzing up the typical hot chocolate. The experts at Milk Unleashed point out that it’s just as easy to make an extra special mug of delicious, nutritious hot chocolate. They’ve compiled a simple hot chocolate idea for every day of the month, inspiring moms to try flavors like marshmallow, toasted coconut, peppermint or peanut butter – all featured in a downloadable Cow Calendar. There are even a few “moms only” recipes! The good news – while it’s a sweet, festive treat – hot chocolate that’s made from real, Grade A shelf safe milk is packed with protein, vitamins, calcium and other minerals. Stock up on shelf safe milk so you’re always ready to whip up a hot drink everyone loves.

Milk Unleashed is an educational campaign aimed at families to let them know about shelf safe milk. It is real milk that is ultra pasteurized, packaged in a shelf safe Tetra Pak carton (similar to a juice or soup carton) and doesn’t require refrigeration until opened (no preservatives added). It’s great when families are on the go, and handy to keep plenty in the pantry to avoid running out of milk just when the family is craving a tasty mug of hot chocolate.

Hot Chocolate Milk Unleashed

A few delicious ideas. For all 31, click here.

  1. Add marshmallows as you’re heating the chocolate milk and let them totally dissolve for a thick, gooey treat. Float a few more on top.

  2. Still have Halloween candy hanging around? Drop a mini bar (one without nuts) and let it melt into deliciousness.

  3. Cinnamon sticks are always handy this time of year. Infuse your hot chocolate with a stick or two.

  4. Kids like hazelnut almost as much as peanut butter. Stir in a spoonful of the chocolate-hazelnut spread.

  5. Try the un-chocolate hot milk. Just warm some milk and flavor with honey and cinnamon.

  6. Puree a half banana for each cup and stir into the hot chocolate. Garnish with a bit of whipped cream and banana chip.

  7. Stir in a peppermint stick for a classic, holiday flavor. Then rim the mug with crushed peppermints.

  8. While adults are drinking hot toddies…make hot toffees for the kids…stir some butterscotch chips into hot milk.

To learn more about shelf safe milk and tips for healthy, active families, visit Milk Unleashed and download the latest Cow Calendar.