It’s easy to skip breakfast, grab a coffee and call it good. But if you’re looking for that morning boost or just trying to feel healthier overall, then it might be time to start incorporating superfood powders into your diet instead of skipping them entirely.

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Healthiest Superfood Powders

You can find these powders in many health food store and even drugstores now, but they’re also available online as well.

And while the price may seem high at first glance – especially when you compare them with things like protein powders or vitamins – their benefits make up for the cost. Their benefits range from increased energy levels to improved mental clarity, reduced inflammation, and higher metabolism rates. Below are some of the healthiest superfood powders to be added to your diet.


Moringa is sometimes known as the “miracle tree” because it contains so many healthy nutrients. It has more potassium than bananas, more protein than yogurt, and more iron than spinach. Plus, it’s high in calcium too. And that’s just the beginning – you’ll also be getting a heaping dose of antioxidants to fight cell damage, amino acids to build muscle, Vitamin C to improve immunity, B vitamins for improved energy production and digestive health boosts as well.

Moringa can be added to any food or drink of your choice – smoothies are one option – but make sure you get the powder form specifically over the leaf version if possible. And don’t worry about the taste – while the powder does have a slightly earthy and slightly sweet flavor, it’s mild enough that you’ll barely notice it.

Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens are typically made up of quinoa, oats, chia seeds, amaranth, and flaxseed. All of these ingredients make up the nutritional value of Athletic Greens and are super good for your health. Quinoa is loaded with protein to help build lean muscle mass; oats contain fiber for digestive health; chia seeds promote better fat burning and lower cholesterol levels; amaranth helps with inflammation and osteoporosis prevention, and flaxseed has omega-3 fatty acids to reduce the risk of heart disease.

But the mixture is really healthy too because you’re getting a large dose of both fiber and protein in one serving, which can help keep your energy levels stable throughout your workout. To make the powder, these ingredients are freeze-dried to ensure their nutritional value remains intact.

Pau d’arco

Another good choice for boosting energy levels is pau d’arco bark, which comes from a South American tree. Pau d’arco tea has been used for centuries by locals and is believed to promote overall wellness and alleviate many ailments like arthritis and even cancer.  The tree bark is very potent, so it needs to be ground into a fine powder – but that powder packs a powerful punch.

When you use the pau d’arco bark powder, you’ll be getting plenty of antioxidants and antibacterial compounds as well as anti-inflammatory benefits for your heart. And researchers have found that many people who suffer from arthritis see significant improvements when they use pau d’arco powder as well. Its key benefits include fighting inflammation, increasing energy levels, and immunity, boosting the metabolism rate for better weight loss, relieving anxiety and depression symptoms, fighting kidney stones, and lowering cholesterol levels too.


Another very strong and effective powder is maca root, which also helps to increase energy levels and improve your stamina. It’s commonly taken as a supplement because of these benefits, but it can be added to any drink or food to create a healthy tonic. Maca is a Peruvian root that’s been used by locals for thousands of years and has also been noted to help with fertility and libido in both men and women too.

The benefits of taking maca include: improved immunity, reduced anxiety, and depression symptoms, improved mood, reduces muscle pain from exercise, reduces insulin levels which helps with diabetes prevention, relieves arthritis symptoms, reduces panic attacks and emotional disorders like anxiety or PTSD, boosts energy levels again, improves memory function for Alzheimer’s patients too.


The last superfood powder to include in your diet is cacao because it contains antioxidant properties that are much higher than other foods like blueberries or tomatoes. In fact, it even has more antioxidants than red wine! And because of these benefits, cacao helps to prevent the growth of cancer cells and reduces your risk for many degenerative diseases too.

The benefits of including a cacao supplement in your diet include improved heart health, reduced inflammation which helps speed up recovery from injury or illness, reduces muscle pain during exercise too, protects your skin against sun damage and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, higher energy levels all through the day since it prevents crashes after meals, improved blood sugar control which means you should see reduced cravings for sugary foods over time.