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We’ve done our fair share of fundraising thanks to our gaggle of kids. Even though we homeschool, it doesn’t mean our kids haven’t been part of organizations looking to raise money for something.

4 Easy Steps to Get Started with FlipGive

I’d be willing to guess that most of us, at some point in our life as a parent, either have or will, help our children with a fundraiser.

Or, if I’m being perfectly honest, we may have even thought about doing a bit of crowdfunding for ourselves. That dream trip you’ve been wanting to take? I know how to help you get there without even thinking about it!

Texas Tornadoes - Team Fundraising at FlipGive


FlipGive is a team funding app that earns you cash for the things you’re already buying. And when they say “team” it can mean anything from a schools, church group, non-profit organization and, yes, even families looking to save money for their next big trip!

The best part is you don’t really even have to put much effort into it. You simply shop for the things you already purchase and earn money for your team.

That’s it!

And it’s brands that you and I shop at on a regular basis, such as Starbucks, Target, The Home Depot, Old Navy and many more. You can even earn money when you shop in-store by using a linked payment card or on gift cards purchased to be redeemed in-store.

4 Easy Steps to Get Started with FlipGive

Here are 4 easy steps to get started with FlipGive:

  1. Download the FlipGive app
  2. Set up a new team (or join an existing one)
  3. Invite team members
  4. Start shopping!

You’re now on your way to earning money for your favorite organization, team, group… or family!

Create your team today to get started!

Looking for a team to join?

Join us on the Texas Tornadoes! We’re working to earn money for the American Red Cross as a way of showing gratitude for the relief efforts that provide each year.

Use the code MG9V4M to join us!