The majority of Canadians work to get a paycheck but not all of them love what they do. Wouldn’t it be great to do something you love and earn money? A hobby is an activity you like doing regularly in your free time. 

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You don’t necessarily view it as “work” but you may turn your hobby into a side hustle and make money. 

Today’s gig economy has made it much easier to monetize your hobbies into money-making machines. Keep on reading to learn about the best hobbies that make money right now.

Why Are Hobbies Significant?

Although it may be difficult to believe, many hobbies may regularly earn you some extra cash. If from time to time you consider extra income, various no refusal loans Canada are not credible to you due to their high interest on the return. Then you should read this article and find out what options may be helpful to you.

With the right mindset and some patience, you will be able to turn your favorite pastime into a money-making side gig. 

Time is really precious these days. We all seem to run around pretending that we are too busy with our children, work schedules, and other duties.

It seems that we have no time for a hobby. But it may be far from reality. Do you waste your precious time scrolling through social media or are you really so busy? Every person could benefit from having a hobby. 

In fact, hobbies can help you make social connections, organize your time, and even help you cope with stress. Besides, some hobbies can help you make additional money. Here is what you can choose.


Digital technology has become popular. It makes it possible for every person with skills and passion for photography to capture great photos and edit them in high quality. Do you have a laptop, a DSLR camera, and some practice? 

Then you may turn your photography hobby into a side gig with the possibility to make extra cash. A great option is to make wedding photos or family portraits. Some professionals even sell their photos online on platforms like Shutterstock.


Are you enjoying your time in the kitchen? If you like baking in your free time you can also turn this free time activity into a side hustle. You will be surprised to know that many people would like to purchase homemade cookies, buns, or freshly baked bread. A great idea is to sell your homemade goods at farmer’s markets and local craft sales.


Once you are just starting, you won’t earn a lot. But established bloggers may earn at least $2,500 or more monthly. Are you good at digital marketing? Do you like writing posts? 

Is there something you are willing to share with other people or you are passionate about? Then blogging is a perfect option for you. You may create a website and begin this journey on various free platforms.

Creating Videos

Video content has become extremely popular these days. You may make additional cash using YouTube and TikTok. Do you have good creating or editing skills? You may make video content for businesses or individuals and earn on that. 

Besides, you may start your own TikTok or YouTube channel. Once the number of viewers on your channel grows, you will earn ad revenue.


Many people turn carpentry into their full-time position. Moreover, it may be your hobby that will also bring you supplemental funds. There is no shortage of ways and options to earn extra cash today. You may obtain money for building pieces of furniture, decks, or fences.

Freelance Writing

This is a great side gig that may pull in enough money. Everything depends on how much work you want to do. Generally, freelance writers earn about $30.39 per hour. Of course, the pay differs and depends on various factors. 

You may want to find writing projects on bidding websites like Freelancer or Upwork, write for your own private clients, or pitch your ideas to newspapers and magazines. You may even decide to turn this hobby into a full-time position. Provided that you have great writing skills, you may become a remote worker or begin your career as a digital nomad.

Sports Referee

Do you like playing a certain sport? If yes, you can also enjoy the officiating side of it and even make money. Some people referee as volunteers, while others find it a great option to earn some cash. Pay attention to the type of referee you choose. 

Such sports like hockey or soccer may be a thankless business today. You will be able to turn this hobby into a money-making opportunity provided that you have enough patience to cope with parents that can often make life hard on the officials.


Driving can bring joy and excitement. There are lots of driving enthusiasts who don’t feel tired from this activity. If you enjoy being behind the wheel and love this sense of freedom, you may not just spend hours in your auto but also meet other people, sign up with a ride-sharing app like Uber, meet other people, and earn money. 

Furthermore, this side gig offers a lot of flexibility and allows you to choose what hours you want to work. You can even utilize your auto to deliver groceries and food.

Music DJ

Who doesn’t like having parties? What if you get paid to party? Sounds great and it really can become your side hustle if you are a music DJ. You will be in the center of any party, mix music, meet new people, and just have fun. 

Besides, you will get paid for having fun. You won’t have trouble finding venues to perform this job provided that you have the needed equipment and love mixing music. The payment is good.

Makeup Artist

Some women love doing makeup, lash extensions, or nails. You may consider turning this hobby into a side gig that will bring you decent money. Makeup artists are paid well today, while there is no need to learn how to do it for too long. 

There are plenty of online and offline courses that can be completed within a couple of weeks. You may want to convert a spare room in your home into a studio area to meet clients. You may also rent out a room in an established studio. Social media websites like Instagram and Facebook can help you find clients.

The Bottom Line

Hobbies help us grow as a person. Recent studies show that hobbies help us make social connections, structure our time, and even deal with stress. Regardless of your natural talents, there are many ways you can turn your hobby into a side gig and earn additional money

Choose the most suitable fun way to make extra cash without hassle or too much effort. Hopefully, our tips will inspire you to make a list of things you love to do, things you are good at, and hobbies with earning potential to make the right choice.