Purchasing a used car and a brand-new vehicle isn’t the same. For a new car, you may not need to thoroughly assess the vehicle before buying since it hasn’t been in use.

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However, it is different for a used vehicle, as you will need to check several things, such as the odometer, the car’s history, maintenance, and ownership.

This is necessary to determine the car’s condition and help you ease your buying decision. Consequently, before you commit to purchasing the vehicle, you should get a free VIN check report first.

What is a VIN Check Report

A VIN check report is a comprehensive and detailed document that produces information about a vehicle’s history. It uncovers hidden problems in the car, if any, helping you make an informed decision about whether to buy or not. As usual, some auto dealers may not disclose intricate details in a bid to sell the vehicle. But all these will be mitigated with a VIN check report.

What is the VIN

A VIN check report provides this information based on the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). A VIN is a unique 17-digit code that identifies every vehicle made in the United States after 1980.

It contains essential details about the automobile, such as the year of make, model, engine type and size, mileage, and ownership history. A VIN also provides details regarding automobile recalls and accidents.

The first character of the VIN shows the country of make. The second and third characters indicate the manufacturer and division.

The fourth through eighth characters shows the vehicle description, safety, and engine type. The ninth character represents the manufacturer’s security code, while the 10th and 11th character shows the vehicle’s model year and assembly identifier.

Characters 12 through 17 are the plant vehicle serial number.

All the information provided with a VIN is contained in the VIN check report. This document can help potential buyers make better decisions about purchasing a pre-owned vehicle.

Additionally, it can help owners track the history of their vehicles, which can be helpful in cases where the car in question might have been stolen. Some VIN check reports are free, while others are paid check reports.

Note that some free VIN check reports are as good as some paid check reports in providing vast information about a vehicle.

What Information does a VIN Check Report Contain?

A VIN check report contains details about the vehicle’s history and details, such as:

1.    Ownership History

A VIN check document will show how many people have owned the vehicle and the transfer of ownership.

2.    Accident History

A seller may not disclose if your desired vehicle has been involved in an accident before, and you may not know solely from the looks of the automobile. VIN check reports can save you this stress by showing if the vehicle has been in any accidents, including minor fender benders or major collisions.

3.    Title History

Also, it is challenging to know if a car has been flooded or rebuilt. A VIN check report can tell you if the automobile has a clean title or if it has been salvaged, rebuilt, or flooded.

4.    Maintenance and repair history

A VIN check report will let you know about the vehicle’s maintenance and repair history, including any major repairs or replacements. This will determine how long you can use the vehicle.

5.    Recall history

A VIN check report will provide information about any past recalls the vehicle has had. It means that the manufacturer has identified a problem with the vehicle and issued a recall to fix it.

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Why is a VIN Check Report Important?

A VIN check report is crucial when buying a used vehicle for many reasons. First, the document can help you avoid purchasing a car involved in an accident, flooding, or has been rebuilt. This type of vehicle is unreliable, has poor durability, and is potentially unsafe.

Second, knowing the car’s history can help you negotiate a fair price for the vehicle. This is the reason most car sellers want you to keep certain information about the car private. Thankfully, you can find this out yourself with a VIN check report. You can use the details in this document to point out any issue the car has.

Finally, a VIN check report can make you feel at ease with your buying decision knowing that you are purchasing a vehicle with a clean history, and that has been well-maintained.

How Do I Get a VIN Check Report?

Many websites and services offer VIN Check reports. However, these reports come at a cost, usually between $10 and $40.

It depends on the level of detail you require. Some dealerships and private sellers produce a free VIN check report, but it may be biased and compromised. It’s always good to get a VIN report yourself to ensure that you are getting accurate and unbiased information.

However, you can still get accurate information about your car with free VIN checks. With Epicvin, you can get your full vehicle history report with one click.

This free VIN Check can help you to find out about any vehicle by simply inputting the VIN. Autoinspect.us LLC, an Approved NMVTIS Data Provider designed to safeguard consumers from fraud and prevent stolen vehicles from being resold, powers Epicvin.

An EpicVin report reveals;

  • The technical specifications of the vehicle.
  • The car’s usage.
  • History of previous sales.
  • Past odometer readings.
  • State of the vehicle. Whether there’s any hidden damage or not.
  • If the vehicle has been stolen or registered.

Take advantage of our free online VIN checker report service to get more details about your vehicle, including its registration date, production year, make, model, and the car’s state. With EpicVin, buyers can access all the information they need when purchasing a used automobile.

Final Thoughts

A VIN check service is vital for anyone buying a used car. With a VIN check report, you can know about a vehicle’s history and decide whether to purchase the car.

With a VIN check report tool, you can save time, get a fair deal, and potentially enhance your safety in the long run.

free vin check, Free VIN Check Review: Get a Free VIN Check Report, Days of a Domestic Dad