BraunAbility Creates The First Wheelchair Accessible SUV with the Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer has become wheelchair accessible with help from BraunAbility. The company has been converting vehicles for a long time, but they have finally put their sights on a car that is more common among Americans. SUVs are so popular today that even compact cars have crossover versions that look like SUVs. The style is that ubiquitous, and BraunAbility has turned the Ford Explorer into a car that anyone can use.

BraunAbility Creates The First Wheelchair Accessible SUV Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer has gotten a lot bigger over the years because Americans have wanted to use bigger SUVs, and now you can get a converted SUV that you can use for your friends or family members who are in wheelchairs. The process of converting a vehicle into something that is accessible to a wheelchair is a difficult one, but the team at BraunAbility has pulled off the impossible.

What Is An MXV?

The term MXV have been thrown around a lot because that is new distinction for this car that is going to allow people in wheelchairs to get right in without folding up or getting out of the wheelchair. The MXV allows for someone in a wheel to slide up into the back seat of the vehicle through a special door, and the door will close on its own using a button that has been installed in the front console.

How Does The Accessibility Work?

Accessibility in a car of this size is different from accessibility that happens in a van. You have probably seen a van that has all the needed room for a wheelchair, and most people either roll into the back or the can slide in through a special lift on the side of the van. This is a completely idea because it uses a minivan style door on a vehicle that us rated as an SUV.

The wheelchair fits into the back of the car because there is no seat there, and the door can be closed without asking the person in the wheelchair to do it on their own. There are a lot of people who want to do things on their own, but it is too hard because they cannot reach the door handle. The Explorer MXV solves this problem by using a remote button to open and close the door.

BraunAbility Creates The First Wheelchair Accessible SUV Ford Explorer

The Ramp

There is a ramp included that will slide out when someone wants to get into the car, and the ramp will retract before the door closes. This is much faster than asking someone to do this for you, and it helps you when there is inclement weather or high winds. You can help the wheelchair bound passenger get in, but then you can jump into the car while the ramp and door are operated by remote control.

The ramp is made to fit under the floorboard of the car, and it will not be in the way when you have other people in the car. You can have other people sit in the extra seats in the car, and they will not feel the slippery surface of the ramp under their feet. You will be able to use the car as normal when someone is not sitting int he wheelchair spot, and you will be able to quickly convert back to letting someone in a wheelchair into the vehicle.

Ford Explorer MXV

The Car’s Performance

You do not want to feel like you are sitting in a car that has no performance, and the MXV has been fitted with the same engines that come in the Explorer. You will be able to put your foot down on the highway, and you will have enough power to go over rough ground or to jump the curb when you need to. You have no reason to drag on the highway, and you will not make your wheelchair bound passenger feel like they are weighing down the vehicle. The car can easily get you from one place to another quickly.

You can get the Ford Explorer MXV whenever you have someone in the family who is wheelchair bound. It allows you to get in and out of the vehicle easily, and you have a remote button that lets you open the door and extend the ramp with no trouble at all.

BraunAbility Creates The First Wheelchair Accessible SUV with the Ford Explorer