Auto accidents often are caused by a negligent driver or another party that, somehow, created the conditions that resulted in the accident.

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Michigan Auto Insurers

When an accident occurs and you file a claim with your auto insurer, you might find yourself wrongfully accused of causing the accident, which could become a very costly decision. Understanding how auto insurers determine fault could help you to file strongly supported claims and have the appropriate party found liable.

Driver Statements Could Pinpoint Fault

It would be terrific if all people were honest and owned up to their mistakes when causing auto accidents. Unfortunately, dishonesty often arises when car collisions occur and negligent drivers could lie to deflect blame to an innocent party.

In the best of worlds, the negligent driver will admit to making an error that caused the accident. When that does not happen, you should retain the services of a car accident attorney in Detroit to help gather evidence in your favor.

Police Reports Often Influence Liability Decisions

A police report always is among the primary sources of information that insurers use to determine fault. Unfortunately, police reports often contain faulty information – especially when one or more parties lie about the accident’s cause.

If you are in an accident and the police report contains false information, you can have it either corrected or amended to include your side of the story. The Michigan State Police Traffic Crash Purchasing System enables anyone to pay a $10 fee and download an accident report for a specific incident.

Claims Adjusters Investigate

Auto insurers always assign a claims adjuster to investigate any claims that they receive regarding auto accidents. The insurance claim investigation always includes obtaining a police report and likely will include viewing the vehicles involved – especially the one for which the claim was filed.

The insurance adjuster might interview all involved parties and obtain video evidence when available to make a determination regarding the validity of all or even some parts of the claim. The process might last for a week or longer, but insurers must approve or deny claims within 30 days and pay valid claims.

Witness Statements Influence Decisions

Insurance adjusters and attorneys alike can interview witnesses to gather evidence. An insurance adjuster would handle the interview for an insurer, while an attorney would have to depose witnesses so that any statements that they provide might be used as evidence in a court case. The witness statements can cast light on an unclear case and help to verify who caused an accident. 

Whenever you are involved in a car collision, it always pays to have an experienced car accident attorney Detroit motorists can trust to work on their behalf. Your attorney can help to uphold your rights and contest false information and even a false determination of fault made by an insurer.

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