You’ve got the enthusiasm and the entrepreneurial flair required to start a bar business, now all you need are the right supplies and equipment so that you can open your doors and welcome customers.

, <strong>7 Essentials You’ll Need to Open a Bar</strong>, Days of a Domestic Dad

There are a number of key ingredients that will be needed before you start mixing the cocktails. You can get a good idea of all the things you need to open a bar by visiting someone like Russell Hendrix bar supplies, for instance.

Meanwhile, here’s a look at the essentials that need to be on your list if you are making plans to open a bar.

Location and funding options

Your first priority is to find a suitable trading location. The success of your bar often hinges on where it is located and what sort of customers are likely to be coming in for a drink.

Find a location that gives you the right access to your customer base based on the type of bar you are going to run and one that enjoys a reasonable amount of footfall.

Once you have found the perfect spot you can start looking at your costings.

Researching your funding options will give you a clear idea of what sort of budget you can work to and how that fits with what you want to do in order to create a bar that becomes a popular venue.

What sort of equipment will you need?

You need to think carefully about all the furniture and equipment needed to run a bar business.

Essential items include seating, glassware, plus all the relevant equipment such as chillers, blenders, freezers for ice, dishwashers, and technology items such as a billing system to record your orders and sales.

Work out your running costs

As well as calculating your startup costs for all the equipment and furniture needed you also need to have a good idea of what your ongoing expenses will be.

Regular bills that need paying include rent, payroll, supplies, and even an ongoing marketing budget allocation so that you can promote your bar. Knowing exactly how much cash you need to generate each week and month to cover your overheads will help you secure the right amount of funding and working capital.

Work out a drinks menu

It’s best not to complicate things when you are starting a bar. Create a simple drinks menu that offers customers a choice but doesn’t require lots of ingredients or is too labor-intensive to be cost-effective.

You can always expand your menu once you become established.

Invest in a good POS system

A good point-of-sale (POS) software system can be critical to the success of your bar.

Being able to expedite customer orders quickly and efficiently will keep them happy. Serving them quickly with the help of a good POS system is a win-win for you and your customers.

Staffing options

You will probably be heavily involved in running your own bar in the beginning. This will help keep staffing costs lower and allows you to see exactly how things are going.

Plan for the future by looking at your staff training and retention options from day one. Providing a good working environment with all of the right equipment and support will help put the bar on a solid footing for future expansion.

Source the right suppliers

Your business will depend heavily on having good suppliers. Aim to forge a good relationship with your suppliers so that you know you can rely on them to provide the stock and equipment needed to keep your bar running.

Starting a bar business is an exciting new chapter. Follow these pointers and you will be able to focus on serving your customers and giving them a good experience, knowing that everything is in place to serve them well.