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Capital One offers way more than credit cards – did you know they have Home Equity solutions too? In fact, Capital One offers variable rate Home Equity Lines of Credit that allow you to spend as needed and pay the balance off just like you would a credit card. They are also offering lump sum, fixed rate Home Equity Loans for those of us who know exactly how much we want to spend. Whether you are looking to remodel your home, consolidate debts, or pay for a major personal expense, a home equity solution from Capital One is ideal to fund your plan without paying high interest rates.

Home Loan from Capital One

What can you do with Home Equity solutions from Capital One?

Home improvements are such a good investment, even if you aren’t a DIY kind of guy. Hiring a professional to do the job right is sensible, but this comes with a price tag. A Home Equity Line of Credit or Loan can help with your improvements. You can use the credit or loan for upgrades and repairs, like replacing worn kitchen cabinets or a leaky roof. You can also go bigger and put on an addition to accommodate a growing family, depending on your available equity. You will have the peace of mind that the project was done properly.

Debt consolidation is also a very smart way to use your home equity. Many of us have credit card balances with high interest rates. Some are as high as 25 – 30%. You can use the equity in your home to combine balances into one line of credit or loan and lower your average APR considerably.

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Paying for major expenses sometimes takes you by surprise. Let’s say you have an unforeseen medical expense, the equity in your home may be the quickest and smartest option you have to pay for these. Children come with financial needs from braces, college tuition, or maybe a wedding. As much as we love our families, we don’t always plan for 100% of their financial needs. The equity in your home is there if needed for these major expenses.

Home Loan from Capital One

Capital One has many home equity products for your needs and circumstances. You can browse online at CapitalOne.com/Home-Equity, visit any branch, or call to speak with a Home Equity specialist at 1- 855-446-9656. The online tools will help you navigate the home equity options, calculate customized rates and consolidations, and answer any lingering questions.

Just by visiting CapitalOne.com/Home-Equity, you can get your customized rate offer and estimated loan amount – with no impact your credit score, which is unheard of! Plus, you can begin the application process. It’s simple and there are no burdensome fees.

Home Loan from Capital One

While I don’t have a Home Equity Line of Credit or Loan with Capital One, I have used the tools to see what my possibilities are, and they are incredibly easy to navigate. That said, I do have Capital One Credit Cards, and I am very happy with the APRs and the rewards program. I would definitely consider their home equity products and services the next time I’m in need.