Facts About the Ford Pro Power Onboard Generator

By: DODD Blog

The Ford Pro Power Onboard Generator reimagines your truck’s engine into a generator.

Pro Power Onboard Generator

Green Leaf

The inverter transforms this power into energy that can be used to run:

Power Tools

Small Appliances


Three Available Configurations

   2kW -  Two 120-volt/20-amp outlets   2.4kW - Two 120-volt/20-amp outlets 7.2kW -  Four 120-volt/20-amp outlets                One 240-volt/30-amp outlet

Pro Power Onboard Generator Run All Night?

On full hybrid models, the truck’s battery supplies power, then the engine kicks on to top off the battery. On pure gas models, the engine is always running.

FordPass Truck App

The FordPass app makes it super easy to monitor and control the Pro Power system. You can see the loads on each circuit and check if the system is activated from anywhere.

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