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Are you like me and fascinated taking photos of your kids, clouds, landmarks, or just random things?  I am always looking to snap a quick picture with my smartphone, but also like to capture a high quality photo. Sometimes my phone just cannot take the picture I want because it is a low light situation or fast moving object. I came to the realization that I needed a smart camera to grab the moment right… the first time.

Samsung Smart Camera

Smart Camera

The Samsung WB200 Smart Camera was on a rollback price when I found it at Walmart. The regular price was normally around $200 but was on sale for only $179. At that price, it felt as though it was the best deal for the type of compact smart camera system I was looking for. I feel as thought I was able to snag a great deal considering all that the camera can do.

The Samsung WB200 social applications include such features as Facebook, Picasa and YouTube  integrated into the camera. Since I wanted to be able to share my life events with friends and family easily, these social sharing applications were exactly what I was looking for. Plus, one of my favorite features I liked was the Wi-Fi Connectivity with Direct Link. The convenience of being able to wirelessly upload my photos to my social media outlets or photo cloud sites is a big plus for me. And the dedicated Direct Link hot key helps you quickly connect to Wi-Fi networks so that you can commence sharing as soon as you snap a picture.

Samsung Smart Camera

More times than I can remember, I cannot get as close as I want to really capture that perfect opportunity. With the 18x Optical Zoom, you can grab stunning close-ups from far away. Plus, the 24mm wide-angle lens captures wide panoramas to make sure you capture everyone in the shot. And when you just cannot get the right amount of light you need for a shot, the 14m CCD sensor makes sure you still develop a high-quality image.

Samsung Smart Camera

Samsung WB200

The Samsung WB200 Smart Camera is more than a just the traditional point-and-shoot camera. The slim, compact camera system also has a full range of preset options to help the novice or amateur photographer. Or if you feel you are ready for full manual mode, switch it over and be prepared to take shots like a pro.

Smart Mode offers presets

  • Action Freeze – Captures subjects in fast motion
  • Silhouette – Takes pictures of silhouettes with backlighting
  • Sunset – Emphasize the sunset by making the colors more intense
  • Night time – Adjust Smart Camera to night conditions
  • Fireworks – Uses long exposure to capture fireworks
  • Beauty Face – Retouch the skin instantly with your camera
  • Landscape – Emphasize the landscape and sky in each shot

Samsung Smart Camera

Full Manual Mode

Full Manual mode (A/S/M) allows you to have full creative control over your photographic experience. Both Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority settings let you experiment with shutter speeds and depth of field. For example, when you are shooting fast-moving images in low light, you can adjust these settings to perfect this type of light situation. With Samsung cameras, whether using smart mode or full manual, you can easily capture exactly the photos you want.

Samsung Smart Camera

  • Aperture Priority – is a auto exposure shooting mode with an automatically adjusted shutter speed depending on the user-defined aperture value.
  • Shutter Priority – allows auto exposure shooting mode with an automatically adjusted shutter speed depending on the user-defined shutter speed.
  • Manual – Manual exposure shooting mode with the user-defined shutter and aperture value.

 My Thoughts on the Samsung WB200 Smart Camera

I have had the chance to carry the Samsung WB200 Smart Camera around with me for a couple weeks now. Overall, I like the compact system camera as a whole. With a compact design, the Samsung WB200 packs a good majority of features into a compact smart camera. In fact, with its compact design, the Samsung WB200 packs the characteristics you need and packs it into a compact smart camera.

I even find it easy to rely on the presets that are offered because the photos I get are perfect for what I need. The presets are similar to using the camera in full manual mode sometimes. And even then the WB200 is still easy to use. But, you must be able to dial in the correct settings in order to enjoy the pay off… a brilliant picture.

Take a look at a couple of photos I was able to capture on a recent date night with Staci in Downtown Dallas.

Samsung WB200



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