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I don’t like to get out very much when it come to running errands or shopping. I have seemed to adapt to taking care of my shopping needs via the internet. So this past week I came across a wonderful site that allows me to virtual try-on glasses and purchase in the same place. I feel in love with this cutting-edge technology, that allowed me to create profile that included a 180 degree photo of my face. I would have never thought I could try on several different types and brands of prescription glasses or sunglasses. The selection and brands that DITTO offers are sure to suite anyone that has eyes. I was able to find plenty of glasses to virtual try-on, and compare side-by-side online with my face. You can log-in online, or on you Apple iPad app, which will give you a full in-store experience. After deciding on the pair of glasses that looked best for my look, it didn’t take long to checkout. I received my glasses with-in a week and looked and fit how I expected.

Virtual Try-On Glasses with Ditto

DITTO makes buying glasses online fun and easy by giving you the best selection of designer glasses and using our patent-pending proprietary technology to let you create a DITTO, a video of your face we take from your webcam, to virtually try on glasses in 180 degree views and see which pair looks best on you. We let you compare styles side-by-side, send your DITTO to friends to get their opinion or ask our trained stylists for a personalized recommendation.

DITTO, has been featured on Mashable, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Business Journal.

Give DITTO a Try

When you find the frames you love, DITTO make your buying experience amazing, too. They’ll give you no-hassle 90-day returns, shipping and return shipping is on the house.

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If you, or someone you are needing a new set of specs, give DITTO a try. You can visit them on their website, Facebook, and Twitter for ideas or deals.