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Many families go on short weekend trips with their children, and this can be a great way to make memories. While waterparks are a popular travel destination, camping can be an inexpensive trip for all families. Here are some great travel tips for your next family camping vacation.

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1. Plan easy campfire meals:

Part of camping includes campfires, and children really enjoy helping to prepare meals. Bring along some easy meals you can cook over the campfires, such as hotdogs and foil dinners. Everyone will enjoy being a part of meal preparation and cleanup is a breeze when you cook over the fire.


2. Plan some fun outdoor games for the kids:

While your children will be thrilled with exploring the outdoors, don’t forget to bring some games for them. Bring a kickball, jump ropes, and bottles of bubbles for your kids to play with while you are setting up the campsite. They will be entertained while you take care of getting everything ready for the weekend.
Another option for games is making a simple scavenger hunt or I Spy game related to outdoors. You can print these off the Internet or make one up yourself. Your children will love these games, as they are unique and gets them involved in the outdoor environment.


3. Don’t forget your laptop and mobile hotspot:

For relaxing evenings after the sun goes down, don’t forget to bring your laptop and mobile hotspot. While you might think these don’t really have a place on a camping trip, they are a great thing to bring with for a weekend trip. You can set up a video for your children to watch after they enjoy s’mores so they can unwind before crawling in the tent for the evening. This is a unique item to bring camping and you will be sure to use this in the evenings or on rainy days.

Camping can be a great travel destination for families. There are many campgrounds that are local and inexpensive. When you plan your camping trip, don’t forget to plan easy meals, bring fun games for the family, and pack your laptop and mobile hotspot. By using these camping tips, you will ensure that your camping experience is memorable and fun.