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I really have some poor habits sometimes. I tend to chalk it up to having kids, not needing to leave the house, or just being lazy in my old age. I pretty much try and get away with lounging around in just basketball shorts all day behind my laptop. I just don’t care what I am wearing or look like most days. So, I also tend to relax a little in other areas. Nothing gross of course. I mean I do brush my teeth daily… just not my hair. I pretty much remember to use my deodorant daily… at least to one arm so I can save some for later. Totally kidding. Maybe.

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The one thing I definitely lax at doing is shaving my face. I just really do not like to do it. You might say I have had some rough encounters while shaving in the past. Think Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone. I do prefer that clean-shaven look, but my skin often feels like it was drug across the pavement at a high rate of speed.

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And just a reminder: I am married. To a wonderful woman nonetheless. And, well, she likes a clean cut guy. So when my chin hairs start to get long, she normally reminds that I need to shave. If I don’t? She isn’t going to share any kisses with me. So shave it is.

I have started cleaning and shaving my face with the Aveeno Men’s Active Naturals line.Using the Aveeno Men’s Face Wash, Shave Gel, and After Shave Lotion for the past couple weeks, I was able to really get a good feel for all three products.

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Aveeno Men’s Face Wash – The Aveeno Men’s Face Wash is a refreshing experience with a deep clean from the exfoliating beads and clean rinse. For over two weeks, I have washed my face with the face wash prior to shaving… and noticed a considerable difference in the way my face felt.

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Aveeno Men’s Shave Gel – I really appreciate the Aveeno Men’s Shave Gel, because it is formulated to reduced shaving discomfort and razor bumps. The gel is thick and remains in place so as not to slide down my face half way through the shave. Plus, it leaves a refreshing feeling after applying.

Aveeno Men's After Shave Lotion

Aveeno Men’s After Shave Lotion – The best part about the Aveeno Men’s After Shave Lotion is that it actually continues to moisturizer my face for up to 24 hours after applying. The petrolatum in the lotion forms a protective barrier on the skin to help prevent moisture loss. This creates a softer, smoother touch and healthier experience.

Plus, the shave lotion is fragrance free just like both the Face Wash and Shave Gel. This is ideal for my wife who has fragrance allergies. Therefore, I can still cuddle up before bedtime since my face and hair products will not overpower everyone else.

Using all three products together has dramatically improved my shave . Not to mention, I enjoy the way it leaves my skin feeling and looking. But you do not necessarily have to take my word for it…  try it for yourself!

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