Keeping your yard well-watered every year requires you to add sprinklers that provide just enough water without adding too much to your yard. Thankfully, a good Orbit wifi sprinkler system isn’t too hard to install properly.

Wifi Watering, Setting Up Zones for Your Wifi Watering System, Days of a Domestic Dad

Setting Up Zones for Your Wifi Watering

However, you must understand how to create the watering zones that make up your yard. This information will give you a good start on creating your zones and be reasonably accurate for just any yard.

Simple Guide to Zoning Your Yard

When installing a wifi sprinkler system throughout your yard, it is vital to choose the number of heads you’ll need and to spread them through your zone in a manner that makes sense for your needs. Most homeowners should handle this process by working with their sprinkler installation team to ensure that everything matches their needs. Steps that you can take here include how you must:

  1. Find Your Water Pressure – Talk to your water company to figure out how much pressure you’ll get out of your system. They can test your flow rate or help you find tools that make it easier to try this process, making it simpler and more efficient for your needs.
  2. Understand Your Sprinkler Output – Every sprinkler head system will have different output rates that need to be paired up with your water pressure and watering needs. Pay attention to this facet and always balance your flow needs to avoid over-or under-watering your yard in any way.
  3. Calculate Your Zones – Break your yard up into equal-sized zones and calculate how much water each will need. You can do this by estimating that you’ll need at least 0.25 to 0.50 inches of water on your lawn during a regular season (the low end) or during hotter or dryer times (the higher end).
  4. Add Sprinkler Heads in Each Zone to Meet This Need – Use your sprinkler head output to get an idea of how much water they’ll spread and put your heads throughout each zone of your yard in a way that maximizes water flow and cuts back on waste at the same time, ensuring that your lawn is healthy.
  5. You should probably work with a professional to handle this process if you feel uncertain about conducting it. Doing so will help to ensure that you get the most benefits and don’t end up damaging your units in any way. Just as importantly, you need to make sure that you properly integrate wifi controls to ensure that your system is as easy to control as possible for your home’s needs.
Wifi Watering, Setting Up Zones for Your Wifi Watering System, Days of a Domestic Dad

Why Wifi May Be a Great Choice

Over the years, sprinkler companies have created a series of upgrades and innovations that make their systems more efficient and engaging for homeowners. For example, the creation of wifi remotes has helped to make it easier to control your system and choose the number of heads that will work with your unit. The benefits that this option may provide for your home include:

  • More accurate water flow control, including adjusting individual heads for more detailed watering
  • Watering programming that allows you to create schedules that will keep your lawn healthy
  • Lower need for sprinkler heads due to your ability to focus water through specific heads
  • Boosts in efficiency that help cut down on your water usage and avoid excessive bills

So if you’re interested in the best sprinkler system experience, make sure that you consider wifi options. Orbit provides many exciting choices for homeowners, including those that sync up to your phone and other types of devices to produce a very accurate and high-quality water-control system.