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Do you have those important photos, documents, coins or paper money you need to keep safe? Sure! We all do. As our family grows we tend to accumulate things of value and worth. Some that have money value and others that are worth more than money can buy. That is why we have removed the birth certificates and old photos from the refrigerator and placed them in a SentrySafe Digital Fire Safe.

Now I have the piece of mind that not only will my important pieces stay safe, they won’t get frost bit.

SentrySafe Extra Large Digital Fire Safe SFW123TSC

SentrySafe Fire Safe with Alarm:

Equipped with hidden keypad entry and a loud audible alarm, this safe provides modern advancements to protect against theft. The safe also features four large live-locking bolts, bolt-down hardware, pry-resistant hinge bar and third party verified protection from fire or flood for a powerful storage solution for any home office. In addition, the safe includes a multi-positional shelf for flexible organization.

  • UL classified for fire endurance (1-hour at 1700 degrees) to protect documents, records and valuables stored inside from fire damage
  • ETL Verified for 1-hour fire protection for digital media up to 1700 degrees in the event of a fire
  • Verified to withstand a 15′ drop during a fire and stay closed
  • ETL Verified water protection up to 8″ for 24 hours
  • Digital lock with hidden key pad lights when touched
  • 1 adjustable shelf for easy and flexible organization
  • Key rack, door tray and deep door packet for small, easy-to-misplace items
  • Interior lighting for easy access in dark spaces
  • Loud alarm that activates in the event of unauthorized access
  • May be bolted down to prevent unauthorized removal (hardware included)
  • Lifetime after-fire replacement guarantee
  • $50,000 Fire Protection Guarantee, is valid only in the USA and Canada. Details in Owners Manual

Master Lock Vault App

Utilize Digital-Savvy Solutions

Instead of shuffling through piles of paperwork when filing your taxes, store personal expenses and documentation in the secure, easy-to-use Master Lock Vault app.  The app eliminates the worry of lost or stolen paper documents that contain confidential information and provides reliable, convenient 24/7 access so you can easily pull up information whenever and wherever you are. Beyond tax season, you can use the system year-round, via the website or by installing one of the free mobile apps on either of your Apple®, Android®, Kindle® or Nook® devices.

Keep Important Documents Secure & Organized

Whether or not you file documents digitally, it’s important to store the original, physical copies in a trusted, safe place. Designate a file folder for all important tax papers as you receive them, such as your W-2, charity contribution letters, donation receipts, health bills, etc. and keep these in a secure lock box until it’s tax time. One storage option is the reliable, fire- and water-resistant SentrySafe Large Digital Fire Safe, which provides ample storage for important, irreplaceable documents, such as legal forms, birth certificates, passports, social security cards, CDs, digital files, photos, and other valuables. Master Lock’s Keyed Locking File Box is another storage solution that has additional organizational features, including a filing system to keep important documents organized and secure.

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