I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for Little Remedies. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item as a thank you for participating. Say Yes to Less #sponsored

Little Remedies Say Yes to Less

Say Yes to Less

Is there something in your life right now that you could just a little less of? Of coarse there is! It could be to much stress,  more bills than you like to pay, drama from your mamma, or just too many activities and not enough down time.  For me, this coming year I would like a whole bunch of less stuff. I’m talking about less processed foods, less unnecessary computer time, or better yet family sickness.

Most of all I am going to make it a point to stay on track with my personal and business goals of 2014. I am one of those people that makes a valiant start with something and about mid way through I’m done. So for the 2014 New Year I am joining with Little Remedies and people across the nation to pledge “Say Yes to Less”. I want to Say Yes to Less distractions in my life, so I can stay focused on my family and career. I am thankful for Little Remedies wanting to partner with me and several other individuals to make a change.

With Little Remedies®, “less is more” means you’ll find fewer artificial ingredients in our products. But it also means we strive for a simple, healthy way of living: Less of the unnecessary. More of what counts.

We are proud to have and use Little Remedies products in our household, and recommend them to anyone. I can feel confident as a dad that my children are going to get better with out all the extra additives of normal medicines.

I invite you to take the #SayYestoLess pledge for you and your family.

What is it that you want to cut out of your family’s life, sugar, waste, distractions, negativity?