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The things we do and the products we choose to use will each leave an impact on the environment and on our wallets. When we consistently use environmentally-conscientious brands like ENERGY STAR®, we are both reducing our carbon footprints and helping to ensure a better world for future generations. When we purchase items bearing the ENERGY STAR brand name, we are supporting their commitment to producing better technology and to lowering energy costs. Best Buy is a proud provider of ENERGY STAR appliances and products.


Saving Money and Energy with ENERGY STAR® Sound Bars And Dryers

Consider the cost over the long haul of owning, for example, a dryer which is ten years old. Over the course of a year, you will spend an average of $180 drying your clothes but with a new energy-efficient model, you will be saving $40 every month. That’s a difference of $400 over ten years, and even more if you wash using cold water. Because 80% of American households own a dryer, the cumulative effect of using an energy-saving model is enormous.

It has been calculated that if every home in America used an energy-reducing dryer, we would collectively save $1.5 billion in energy costs. In addition, we would prevent the emission of greenhouses gases equivalent to that of operating 2 million automobiles. This demonstrates a savings that cannot be calculated in financial terms alone but that will result in better quality of life, cleaner cities and better air quality. When shopping at bestbuy.com or at your nearest location this holiday season, be sure to look for items certified to be environmentally friendly.


Their line of cost-reducing dryers come equipped with several features that reduce the appliance’s need for power. With built-in moisture sensors, the machine can tell when your clothes are dry and will automatically shut itself off. In addition, these dryers have built-in steam cycles that prevent wrinkles and can eliminate your need to iron, thus saving more energy. Their efficiency-certified dryers have been found to be 20% more efficient than the competition.

If you’re looking to buy a Soundbar this holiday season, you will find no shortage of energy-efficient technology therein. Using as much as 50% less energy than other brands, these Soundbars reduce the use of energy on all modes: on, idle, and sleep. This is done without sacrificing style, features, or functionality.

Many models are Bluetooth integrated, have HDMI connectivity, WI-FI streaming, USB inputs, and are able to work with other speakers. Customers can save even more money by bundling their Soundbars with other products, such as television sets and speaker systems. These energy-saving Soundbars are built with both efficiency and sustainability in mind.


It is important, when talking about sustainability, to define what it actually means. To say that something is sustainable is to say that we are able to meet our present needs without compromising the needs of future generations. It means that we show respect for the earth and for our natural resources and that we endeavor to make the most of what we have. It means that we strive for efficiency and for lower energy costs.

Best Buy proudly features products in over 20 categories which bear the energy-efficiency label. This holiday season you can find everything from freezers, televisions, laptops, and more, that all have a positive impact on the global community. It must be noted, too, that when purchasing appliances, there are two costs: the initial purchase price and the cost to operate.


In just one year it was calculated that customers saved $50 million on their energy costs by using certified energy-saving products. In 2015, $67,120,515 was saved on electric, which is enough power to run 70,538 households for an entire year! The energy saved on audio and Soundbars was enough to keep 2,013 cars off the road for one year. That means that less greenhouse gases, carbon emissions, and other pollutants will be released into our atmosphere, thereby helping us to fight against climate change. It means we will better be able to preserve earth’s finite natural resources.

In addition to the savings on operation costs, many brands are eligible for a rebate from your utility company. You can research which products have a money-back offer by using the rebate-finder tool at bestbuy.com. It is estimated that thousands of rebates go uncollected each year, so be sure to take advantage of this valuable resource. In addition to utility companies, many states governments, as well as the federal government, offer money-back solutions.

You can easily use their search engine by keying in your product type or zip code. Products included in rebate programs include televisions, refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers and more. In addition, many different models may be eligible. Be sure to stop in to your local Best Buy this holiday season and shop items that are cost-effective and good for the world in which we live.