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For the past few weeks I have been in laundry heaven. I know that may sound weird (especially coming from a guy), but you need to check which blog your on. Day of a Domestic Dad. Yep, that’s right. I am that stay at home dad that does the majority of house work. When I heard that Best Buy offered the Samsung ActiveWash Laundry Pair at their local stores I was like a little boy in a game store. All I could think was how these could change my life. My laundry life at least. So I got them!

Activewash Laundry Pair #masteryourhome

Samsung ActiveWash Laundry Pair

After these beauties were delivered by Best Buy‘s helpful delivery service, I was eager to try them out. I began to knock out load after load of dirty laundry that I had been saving up for the occasion. The over-sized Samsung ActiveWash washer could handle multiple loads, at least twice as much as my previous washing machine, so it only took half the time. If you are like me and like options, the Samsung ActiveWash Washer is jam packed with ways to clean all your laundry pieces.

Activewash Laundry Pair #masteryourhome

ActiveWash Washer – Besides the enormous wash tub in the ActiveWash washer, I really enjoy all of the user-friendly options. After a short crash course with the Samsung team at Mom 2.0, I felt comfortable that everyone in the family could use this washing machine. Well, other than my five year old. She still gets a pass on laundry duty. The dials and buttons are clearly marked on the washer and dryer and the interface is fairly easy to navigate through. Next on my list of favorites is the pre-treat tub for delicates or items that need to be quickly washed.

Here are a few other features that make the ActiveWash washer appealing.

  • VRT technology reduces noise and vibration during washes, even in high-spin speeds.
  • Self Clean technology keeps the drum and gasket hygienically cleans by removing odor-causing bacteria without the need for harsh chemicals.
  • Large Capacity washer allows you to wash up to 3 laundry baskets of clothes in one load. Activewash Laundry Pair #masteryourhome
  • Steam Wash function helps remove tough grime & stains
  • Active Wash system includes a dedicated sink for hand-washing delicate items and pre-washing heavily soiled clothes.
  • Internal heater helps regulate the water temperature.
  • Aquajet forces out dirty water as clean water pours in to deliver a better wash.

Activewash Laundry Pair

Active Dryer – The Samsung ActiveWash Dryer has cut out all the guess work when it comes to drying options. This dryer is clearly programmed to dry your clothes the fastest way with out damaging them in the process. (Incredibly important!) In fact, I was able to dry one load of 23 towels in record setting time. With a large capacity tub, like the ActiveWash washer, I am well prepared to spend less time doing laundry. The next feature I am eager to use on the ActiveWash dryer is the Steam dry option. The idea of being able to refresh clothes in a short amount of time sounds pretty amazing.

  • 15 drying cycles include refresh, heavy duty, steam sanitize, wrinkle away, perm press, delicates and bedding.
  • Reversible door gives you the option of installing the door to open left or right.
  • Moisture sensor to ensure that your clothes are dried to perfection.
  • Vent Sensor shuts down in the event of a clogged vent to prevent potential fires. Activewash Laundry Pair #masteryourhome
  • Steam Dry will help to keep your clothes refreshed.
  • Features 4 –way venting options and a moisture sensor for dryness control.
  • Estar qualification saves you up to 25% in annual energy costs.

As a (large) family, we couldn’t be more happy about the Samsung ActiveWash Laundry Set. The girls are surprisingly eager to bring a load of laundry down to wash…  and then excited to hear the “victory song” once the cycle is done.

Are you in the market for a new washer and dryer set? You should take a look at the Samsung ActiveWash Laundry Set.