Ways to Keep Grandma and Grandpa Safe From Bad People

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Growing older is a natural and wonderful part of life. We gain so much in the way of personal life experiences and knowledge as well as personal belongings that are irreplaceable and invaluable to us. These things are important sometimes because they hold memories of our children and grandchildren; sometimes they are important because they are financial investments in our futures set aside for more uncertain times. Unfortunately, another part of growing older is also vulnerability. With growing health concerns and waning physical mobility, criminals see the elderly as easy targets when it comes to theft and home invasion. Whatever you value, whatever is important for you, Masterlock has a product that can help you to feel the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are protected.

Ways to Keep Grandma and Grandpa Safe From Bad People

Ways to Keep Grandma and Grandpa Safe From Bad People

One of the things that senior citizens are most in danger of is identity theft. This can occur when important documents are not stored properly and are easily accessed by those that would take them. You can protect yourself and your loved ones with one of Masterlock’s many safe options. They offer safes for everything you could need to protect, like the Key Safe that can be used to hold and protect all of the keys for the many things in your life like houses, sheds, cars, and mailboxes. This prevents not only people meaning harm, but also assists the owner in knowing exactly where each key is. Another safe option is the SafeSpace, a portable safe so that in the event of an emergency important documents and belongings can be safely and securely transported. Of course, when it comes to intruders, Masterlock is concerned about more than just your keys and important documents, photos, or jewelry. Physical safety is also a top concern especially for the elderly.

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One of the many products offered to keep intruders from taking advantage of someone of advanced age is the Door Security Bar. This product protects it’s users because it is made of 20 gauge steel and that isn’t something that is going to bend or break in the event of an attempted break-in. The Door Security Bar is simply placed in the run of a sliding glass door, and it is adjustable to fit perfectly while being padded so that even though it is hard on criminals it is easy on your home. The best part about this product is that it is user friendly: in order to access the sliding glass door, all you have to do is remove the top piece.


The world is a crazy place. Keep your independence and peace of mind with the many products of Masterlock designed to keep you safe. With their products like the Key Safe, the SafeSpace, and the Door Security Bar, you can protect your home, your memories, and yourself from the vulnerability that comes along with the wisdom of growing older. Protect yourself, your things, and your peace of mind by using these products to secure your home and Keep Grandma and Grandpa Safe From Bad People.

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