If you’re a keen DIY dad and you’ve fixed every leaky faucet and loose floorboard in the house, you might be looking for a new project. But one project you might have overlooked is your children’s bedrooms. 

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Revamp Your Children’s Bedrooms

Not traditionally thought of as a typical DIY project, they’re often a great place to use your skills.  Kids’ rooms get a lot of use and can quickly look worn.  So, why not give them a revamp?

Put down some new flooring

Flooring in kids’ rooms needs to be hygienic, tough and suitable for multipurpose use.  And very often what’s in kids’ rooms turns out to be a bit impractical. So why not use your skills to change it for something more suitable?  Many flooring types are now designed to make them easier for a DIYer to fit themselves.  Plank style laminate and vinyl flooring is becoming more popular to install for this reason. Most suppliers provide their own guides on how to fit laminate flooring, and internet video tutorials make it even easier to learn.

Children’s Bedrooms

Put up some shelves

Putting up shelves in children’s bedrooms is slightly different to anywhere else in the house and will provide you with a new and interesting challenge! Why?  Well, there are a few considerations to kids’ shelving that you wouldn’t normally need to think about.  The first is getting the shelves at the right height, so your kids can use them.

The fun thing about kid’s shelving is that it doesn’t need to be conventional.  Other creative DIYers have made shelving from skateboards, wooden pallets, old crates, and MDF cut into novelty shapes. Unlike most shelving projects, you can let your imagination go wild.

Children’s Bedrooms

Add some new lighting

Kids are lucky because there are some really great novelty pendant lighting options for bedrooms these days. However, many parents don’t buy then because they don’t know how to fit them.  Often, it’s assumed that you need an electrician to fit them.  But basic tools and knowledge are all you need.  And that includes knowing how to turn off your electricity supply to your lighting! If you’re a competent DIYer, changing a light fixture to something more fun is a great update you can make to your children’s bedrooms.

Build a bunk – Children’s Bedrooms

If you’ve done one or two carpentry projects around the house already, then here’s one to think about trying.  Building a bunk bed. This obviously needs to be safe and strong, so you’ll need to know your materials and your tools.  But if you do, then this is a great idea for a child’s room.

Not simply because it’s been handmade, but because you can personalize it, and customize it perfectly to the size and shape of the room.