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Professional Improvement with Cristina Dolan

The New Year often brings a chance to reinvent ourselves so how can we use our talents and passions to do just that? But, When a New year rolls around, we all strive to better ourselves both in the workplace and at home. But by the time we reach February many of our goals and resolutions fall to the wayside from either working ourselves into the ground or creating unattainable goals.

A BETTER YOU: How to Make 2016 the Year of Personal and Professional Improvement

 With Internet Pioneer CRISTINA DOLAN

We all strive to better ourselves but we often forget there are tools out there that will help us achieve our goals, both personally and professionally.

Start by growing the value of your greatest asset—you!

  • Stop working yourself into the ground. Take advantage of your community and your peers. By doing this, you can expand your portfolio and your experience.

Get creative about your problem solving!

  • When we find ourselves stuck with major problems it stops progress. Think outside of the box and get creative about working around those issues. Problems will always arise; what matters is how you handle them!

Find professional growth by clearing your plate!

  • Whether you’re a small business owner or big time marketing executive we all know the feeling of having a full plate. It’s overwhelming and can render us useless! But we can use technology and marketplaces to clear the way and achieve our goals.

Professional Improvement with Cristina Dolan

Cristina Dolan is an MIT Media Lab alumna and Internet pioneer with over two decades of experience building software, content, and Internet based products and businesses. She was a co- founder of OneMain.com, which grew to be the 10th largest ISP after a successful IPO Currently, Dolan serves as the Head of Content and Communication at TradingScreen, and is an MIT Enterprise Forum board member and part of the MIT Alumni Association Selection Committee

Among the topics Cristina will discuss, are:

  • Personal and professional growth strategies
  • How to make yourself an asset in any path you take
  • Utilizing the right tools and technologies to conquer you goals
  • Streamlining your tasks and to-do’s
  • Developing creative problem solving skills
  • And more!