While on the #InsideOutEvent trip in San Francisco I was able to watch and see a ton of impressive things. One of those, would be the Pixar Studios. The time we spent at Pixar Studios was amazing in more ways than one. The company has such an interesting history and work ethic it’s not hard be amazed. It was news to me to find out that the late Steve Jobs purchased what was George Lucas Computer Graphics Division. In 1986 Steve Jobs bought Computer Graphics Division for $5 million and renamed it to Pixar.

The name Pixar isn’t an acronym as some believe. It actually derives from a fictitious Spanish word meaning “to make pixels” or “to make pictures”.

  Pixar Studios Tour

Pixar Studio Tour

Our first night at Pixar Studios started out with a screening of a new Pixar short, “Lava”. Then also a partial screening of the highly anticipated Pixar film “InsideOut”. But before making our way to the theater took advantage of a few photo opportunities.

Met these two guys here at Pixar Studios! #InsideOutEvent

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Two of the best dynamic duo’s in the show business greeted us at the door, Buzz and Woody. Both of these classic Pixar guys are completely made up of Lego pieces. As I made my way around I was amazed by the space in the Steve Jobs building. Everything from the arched bridge connecting one side of the build to the other. To the long hall, with a Pixar gift shop, cafe to eat at, or better yet the cereal bar that housed tons of cereal creations. I was pretty much in awe.

Pixar Studios Tour #InsideOutEvent
Top: Wall art from the movie “Brave” Bottom: Billiards table located on the lower level

To finish up our first night we retired to the Brooklyn Building on the Pixar Studio Campus. The New York themed building was added around 4 years ago in 2011. It features a 110-seat theater, recording equipment, library, game room, and full-service café.

Pixar Studios Tour
Top and Bottom: Fireplace and sitting area in the Brooklyn Building

 The one fun fact about the Brooklyn Building is that behind the fireplace there is a baseball inspired room that was originally exclusive for senior employees, but now is open to the public. The next day after our interviews, we took a full tour of the campus. We had the chance to walk by wall art from “InsideOut”, pieces from previous films, checkout the onsite pool and soccer field.

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Overall the Pixar Studio is chock-full of surprises and goodness. It is no wonder it is well desired place to work at.

If you had the chance to visit Pixar Studios what would you like to have seen? Better yet, what is your favorite Pixar film?

Be sure to catch Disney Pixar #InsideOut in theaters June 19th.