The Lone Ranger

It seems that life happens pretty quick for the most of us and a pivotal moment can certainly happen at any time. Whether it is good or bad, we all deal with these situations in life at some time. I have not dealt with anything near as bad as Mr. Reid (Lone Ranger), but I have faced my own trials. Thus, I have had my moments to sit and think about what I may have done different in my life… or to make better decisions. This helps me to better understand and appreciate why the “Spirit Platform” was so important to Mr. Reid… or should I say The Lone Ranger… in his life.

Lone Ranger

Spirit Platform

As the story goes, a band of outlaws ambushed six Texas Rangers and left them for dead. Or so they thought. An Indian named Tonto stumbled onto the scene and recognized the lone survivor, Ranger Reid, as the man who had saved his life in the past. Tonto then nurses Reid back to health high upon the Spirit Platform in order for him to regain his strength.

When Ranger Reid wakes up on top of the rickety stack of sticks, he then understands that this is his pivotal point in life. It is a time to stand up and fight crime and to protect the ones that can not protect themselves. Together, the two men dig six graves for Reid’s comrades, as well as one for himself. They want the outlaws to believe there were no survivors. It is from this point on that Mr. Reid takes on the role of The Lone Ranger and forever hides behind the masks.

“Spirit Platform” from The Lone Ranger behind the scenes look featuring an interview with The Lone Ranger himself, Armie Hammer.

The Lone Ranger rides into theaters on July 3rd!

Lone Ranger

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