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Kitchenaid Kitchen Makeover

Rediscover the Joy of Cooking with a New KitchenAid Kitchen

If you love to cook like I do, a chef-quality kitchen is at the top of your wish list; but you probably thought the price would keep it out of reach. Guess again. Best Buy is running a special on KitchenAid stoves and refrigerators, and now you can get professional-quality appliances at an amazing price. And getting a new KitchenAid oven doesn’t mean tearing your house apart for an installation, because these are slide-in stoves. The tops are slightly extended so they meet your countertops, giving them the sleek look of a built-in without the cost or mess.

I’d pick the white one because my kitchen accessories are red and white, but they also come in black and stainless steel.

Looking at all the features on this oven might make you dizzy so I’ll focus on the key ones. The top has up to six gas burners and each is set for a different level of output. The oven cavity uses convection heat. The possibilities are endless. I can see myself making gravy, stuffing and cranberry sauce all at once while my holiday turkey cooks in the oven and fresh bread bakes in the baking drawer.

You can use the steam rack for slow cooking or keeping food warm. And the three wide racks make it easy to cook for a crowd.

If you’ve never used a convection oven you won’t believe how fast and predictable it is. I hate moving casseroles or pies around while they’re cooking to make sure everything come out evenly. With the Even-Heat True Convection feature I wouldn’t have to. It comes with a guide to convert your regular recipes to convection timing.

The KitchenAid Suite

How about cooking when you’re not even home? With the “delay bake” feature you can put a casserole in, go to work and come home to a fresh-cooked meal. And I thought only my slow cooker could do that!

Once I have the perfect stove, I’ll need a new refrigerator. And again I’m looking at KitchenAid.

A French door is a great feature on a fridge, allowing you to open up the doors and look at everything lined up neatly inside. And this one has five doors! No more hunting for that elusive item; now everything has its place.

My favorite feature is the herb drawer that keeps fresh herbs moist so they are always at the peak of perfection.

This refrigerator is not just functional; it’s elegant. It looks and feels like fridges twice the price, with a smooth finish, SatinGlide crisper drawers and a platinum interior. Undershelf lighting makes it easy to see everything at a glance. A five-shelf freezer door makes organizing a breeze.

With this refrigerator and stove, cooking would become a joy. And Best Buy makes it even more tempting with their current offer: 18 months of financing or five percent rebate on all major appliance purchases, and free shipping for orders over $399.00. I may just have to give in to temptation.