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This months visit to my local Sears Auto Center, we visited about the need to beware of your vehicles fuel and cooling system this winter. Much like your human body, needing water to function properly, so does your vehicle. It was good to visit with the Sears Auto Technician to explain that our Texas Summer months are hard on our cars and trucks, but that Winter can equally be tortuous.

411 About Fuel System Maintenance

For the most part the majority of the vehicles of the road have some sort of electronic fuel system, that is composted of multiple fuel injection tubes. Fuel injection is great when it comes to fuel economy, and performance. But, has your car been hesitant or sluggish to start? It may be time to take a look into having your fuel system cleaned. From maximizing fuel economy to reduced vehicle emissions, fuel system cleaning services are necessary to restore performance and improve drivability.


To ensure your fuel system continues to operate effectively, consult your vehicle manufacturer service guide for recommended cleaning intervals or stop into Sears Auto Center and allow one of our highly-trained technicians to evaluate your vehicle. During our fuel system cleaning service, our technicians will loosen and wash away all dirt and deposits, which enable your fuel to flow freely resulting in maximum vehicle performance. Upon completion you’ll not only have a smoother you’ll also have reduced exhaust emissions and increased fuel efficiency, saving you money at the pump.

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Is Your Vehicle Cooling System Ready for Winter

Hopefully your not like me and have had a overheating vehicle on the side of the interstate, it’s not fun at all. After that unpleasant occurrence I learned real quick how to maintain my coolant system. But, when I was visiting with the lead tech, he educated me a little more about the cooling system.  anti-freeze-illustration

When it comes to cooling system failures, many problems originate with low fluid levels or poor fluid quality. To understand why it’s important to check, change and replace coolant regularly. Coolant is the fluid, 50/50 mix of water and ethylene glycol, usually bright green in color, but also found in orange, yellow, and red hues—that allows your engine to maintain its optimal temperature by redistributing heat away from the engine through the cooling system. This is accomplished by circulating the coolant from the engine and through your vehicle’s radiator. Without the right amount of antifreeze, you vehicle can run risk of getting to hot, or overheating.

Tips from Sears Auto Center, avoiding leaks and other mishaps, your coolant will eventually start to break down from every day use, preventing it from protecting your cooling system properly. Keeping a careful eye on coolant levels at all times or having a Sears Auto Center expert check and test the condition of the coolant. This will help you detect problems before they escalate. Be sure the consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual for regular maintenance recommendations, including when it’s necessary for a coolant flush.

When is the last time you have popped the hood on your car or truck? Did you check your fluids?

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