Disclosure: We were loaned the Mazda3 from DriveSTI in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

The Mazda Motor Company allowed us to test drive and review a 2013 Mazda3 i Grande Touring with Skyactiv Technology over this past week. Honestly, this was the first time I had driven a Mazda of any type. I was impressed by the vehicle and thoroughly enjoyed driving  both short and long distances. The car handled well and offered a smooth ride. Plus, being able to drive a manual transmission for a change was a nice option. Not to mention, it was quite fun and I was grateful for the change of pace.

Skyactiv Technology

Mazda Skyactiv Technology

After doing a little research and being able to drive the Mazda3, I was able to really gain an appreciation for the Skyactiv Technology. It is made to shift smoothly fora  steady acceleration as well as quickly for the feel of a manual transmission. All the while the brain delivers a precision responsiveness and reliability for the overall quality drive of the vehicle. Take a look at a couple interesting facts I was able to learn about the Mazda Skyactiv Technology.


  1. Sky-High 13:1 compression ratio harnesses more energy from fuel.
  2. 4-2-1 exhaust system fights engine knock and improves performance.
  3. Innovative piston cavity improves combustion efficiency
  4. Advanced direct injection system stabilizes combustion
  5. Weight ad friction reduction enhance efficiency


  1. Best features of all types of transmissions combined, a fuel-efficient direct feel, quick shifting, smooth seamless shifting, and easy to control at low speeds.
  2. Torque converter and clutch together deliver smooth, direct feel.
  3. Advance control module ensures the precise response
  4. Innovative design helps to improve fuel efficiency by 4% to 7%.

Skyactiv Technology


  1. The body is made 8% lighter but 30% more rigid.
  2. Smarter engineering for top crash safety performance
  3. Chassis redesign delivers greater stability and agility.

Energy Recovery

  1. Improve fuel economy as much as 5%.
  2. Frees up fuel and horsepower for driving performance.
  3. Powers your car’s electronics without using fuel of horsepower.
  4. Every time you slow down, you charge up your battery.
  5. Capacitor-based design captures and stores energy faster than battery-based systems.

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