Disclosure: I have been provided an all expense paid trip from Disney to attend the #DisneyPlanesPremiere and participate in a interview session for #LittleMermaidEvent in Hollywood. All opinions are 100% my own.

Planes and Mermaid Event

In less than a week, I will be loading up and taking off to Los Angeles. I will, hopefully, make a big splash in Hollywood for the Disney Planes Premiere and Little Mermaid Event. I was asked by Disney to join a group of 25 bloggers from across the US to make the trek to California. I am extremely excited about both movies, Planes and The Little Mermaid. I like that one is being digitally retouched… whereas the other is completely fresh and new.

Disney Planes

Disney Planes

Disney Planes, which releases August 9th in theaters nationwide, should take off with audiences. From the makers of “Cars”, you will meet a big-hearted, fast-flying crop duster who has a dream to race around the world. “Dusty”, played by Dane Cook, shows that big things come in small packages. But he also shows us that his fears can’t keep him grounded.

Disney Planes

I think I am most looking forward to seeing El Chupacabra on the big screen!

The Little Mermaid

No need to break out the VCR for  this one, The Little Mermaid will be in High Definition for the first time ever. This Diamond Edition of the Disney classic is being released from the “Disney Vault” on October 10th, 2013. In LA, we are going to sit down with a handful of people close to the film, including Jodie Benson the voice of “Ariel”.

One of the Top 10 Animated Features of All Time

– Time Magazine

The Little Mermaid Diamond edition

With 4 daughters in my house, The Little Mermaid is already a family favorite as well as a timeless classic among my generation. We are looking forward to seeing this rendition of the movie.

Our incredible trip itinerary:

  • Visit the Animation Research Library to look at archived materials of The Little Mermaid
  • Q & A with lead archivists handling The Little Mermaid
  • Preview bonus content from the Little Mermaid Blu-ray/DVD
  • Visit with Jodie Benson the voice of “Ariel”
  • Attend the Disney Consumer Products Little Mermaid Showcase dinner
  • Party and premiere of Disney Planes at the El Capitan Theatre
  • Preview 20 minutes of upcoming release of Frozen Disney Frozen
  • Meet and Greet with some of the stars of Super Buddies Disney Super Buddies

Which movie are you most excited to see? Planes or The Little Mermaid?


Be sure to check back to follow along with me on my trip and to hear great insight on each of  the movies above.

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