Disclosure: Disclosure: As a part of the Vicks Ambassador Network I was asked to write about the Daylight Saving Time and ZzzQuil. All story’s and opinions are my own.

I wake up. Late! Rush to the bathroom to shower and get dressed. Make my way downstairs, no time for breakfast, only to give the wife and kids a kiss goodbye. I hate being late, late to work is one of the worst things, everyone is looking and knows you over slept, because Daylight Saving Time change.

This was me a few years ago, one of the worst days ever. It was March 8th, and it was time to change the clocks forward so we can all lose an hour sleep. Losing an hour of sleep isn’t that terrible, the bad part is not being able to fall asleep at a decent time. I know I would toss and turn all night long, because in the back of my brain I was thinking something was stealing an hour of my time. At least that is what I thought.

ZzzQuil LostHour

Now, I have wised up and started preparing mentally and physically for the Daylight Saving Time change every year. I now allow for plenty of down time that evening by watching TV, reading a book with the girls, or taking a walk outside. For some reason this relaxes my mind and body to prepare to wind down for the evening. Also, to ensure a sound night of sleep, I use ZzzQuil to help me fall asleep quickly and wake up feeling refreshed.
#DST and #spon

This year for the Daylight Saving Time change I will look to take charge of my sleep and be well rested for the next day.

According to a ZzzQuil survey, more than half of all US adults say their sleep is affected by Daylight Saving Time; for those that say they suffer from occasional sleeplessness, more than 60% cite DST as affecting their sleep.

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How will you be ready when Daylight Saving Time comes to take your hour+ of sleep away?