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Once again, I am promoting family movie night. I think it is one of the best ways to bond with my kids. And, I guess I am just a big kid sometimes. We love Lion King and I am happy that it has been released in a collectible Lion King SteelBook DVD/BluRay to add to our library of films we enjoy.

Disney Lion King Steelbook 2019

The Lion King SteelBook

Lion King is director Jon Favreau’s computer animated fantasy drama film remake of the original 1994 animated Disney film. The line-up of cast and characters include Simba, voiced by Donald Glover, Mufasa, voiced by James Earl Jones, and Pumbaa, voiced by Seth Rogan. Also featured are the talents of Billy Eichner, John Oliver, and Beyoncé.

The story is based on a young lion, Simba, who returns from exile in adulthood years following the murder of his dad. He is more than ready to reclaim the throne that was stolen from him and his father, Mufasa, by his horrible uncle, Scar.

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With the help of his friends, Timon and Pumbaa, Simba is able to avoid the hyenas at Pride Rock and confronts Scar. Scar pokes at Simba over his role in his own father’s death and pushes him to the edge of a cliff. At this point, Scar reveals to Simba that he murdered Mufasa. Enraged, Simba tells the truth about his father’s death to the rest of the tribe. Scar attempts to escape but is backed up to ledge at the top of Pride Rock by Simba. Scar pleads Simba for mercy. Simba ultimately spares Scar’s life, but banishes him from the Pride Lands forever. After they fight, Simba wins and to tosses Scar off of the cliff. Scar doesn’t die from the fall. However, he is attacked and killed by the hyenas that are waiting below. Simba regains his rightful place as the king alongside his queen, Nala.

Joeli playing with Simba Disney Lion King 2019

It is an action packed adventure that keeps everyone riveted. We pretty much enjoy all the characters, except for the evil Scar and those scary hyenas. Simba and Nala’s love story is the best. This movie is a beautifully crafted work of animation that kids and adults of all ages can appreciate.

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