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Yes. LG has done it’s part, to help you do your part, to protect our environment and to show the Earth some love on Earth Day 2016. How exactly? No better example presents itself than the LG Twin Wash with Sidekick.

With the unprecedented ability to wash two loads at once, the LG Twin Wash with Sideick is unlike any other clothes washer. With a full load washer above and a smaller separate load washer below it is matchless in wash load capacity and in wash load flexibility.

LG Twin Wash and Sidekick

LG Twin Wash with Sidekick

No other clothes washer does more and asks less. Two loads at once or a single smaller load in the exclusive lower secondary washer. Extra big, extra small. Just right. Both at the same time.

Like all LG appliances, the LG Twin Wash with SideKick is a star among Energy Star appliances. It is preeminent in it’s frugal use of water – thirteen verses twenty-three gallons of water per load.

When paired with an equally advanced LG Dryer, the pair will use, on average, twenty percent less energy than other brands. If you choose to go with a gas dryer, the energy savings (and proportional environmental kindness) is even more impressive.

The thought, the design, the engineering, the technology that goes into all LG Washers and Dryers (for that matter, into ALL LG Appliances) stands them head and shoulders above all others.

Innovative features and functions such as Turbo-Wash and Turbo-Steam Technology, not to mention moisture sensor drying, alternate heat and cycle settings and numerous other attributes help make them ever more efficient, productive and ever easy to use.

LG Twin Wash and Sidekick

Clever ideas like the angled door and full-width lid, show careful thought has been put into every engineered detail. From the extra bright LED control panel, to the easy to fill, no spill, recessed detergent tray, from the streamlined curves and generous, yet appropriate and purposeful dimensions nothing has been overlooked. Details like concealed controls, smart agronomic loading and unloading, such aspects great and small, makes LG’s laundry solutions make short work of a long wash day.

So no matter if we stand atop a pristine snow capped mountain top, or just a far less than pristine mountain of laundry, we all remain hopefully mindful, responsible stewards of this our Earth, we all must do our part. Again, yes, with the large family of appliances it conceives and creates – and especially with the LG Twin Wash with SideKick – LG is indeed a friend to you, your laundry, your wallet and to the Earth on this Earth Day 2016.