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If you have been following along with my blog you can see I do a little travelling and love my tech gadgets. For me there is something about having the latest and greatest gadgets to make my life a little easier. Not saying I always get what I want, but when I do I love it.

LG G4 at Best Buy #LGG4

Recently I made my way into our local Best Buy store to check out the LG G4 Smartphone. I currently have a similar smartphone in size, but I am looking for a faster sleek design.

In creating the LG G4, LG designers took inspiration from everywhere to create an ergonomic, gently contoured device crafted from timeless materials. As a result, the smartphone has never looked — or felt — so good.

After my visit to Best Buy, I was able to hold, and explore the functionally of the G4. The processing speed and app response was impressive. The beautiful 5.5″ IPS Quatum display was brilliant and crystal clear. Overall I feel the LG G4 is the next big thing for me. I am looking forward to go back in a few weeks with my upgrade.

LG G4 at Best Buy #LGG4

LG G4 at Best Buy

There are three main points of differentiation with the new LG G4 smartphone – the camera, the display and the design. Below are the key messaging points for each of those items…


• f/1.8 aperture for impressive performance in low light situations

• Manual mode with 15 settings and over 135 options for photo enthusiast level control over how photos are captured

• Improved Laser Auto Focus so you’re always ready to capture the moment

• 16MP rear facing camera and an 8MP front facing camera for high quality photos and selfies

• Improved Optical Image Stabilization steadies the shot for sharp, focused images

• RAW image file capture for the highest possible image quality


• Cutting edge 5.5” IPS Quantum Display for an outstanding visual experience

• 25% brighter display* for an enhanced viewing experience in various lighting conditions

• 50% improvement in contrast* for richer images

• Quad HD resolution with 538 PPI for incredible detail


• Genuine leather, metallic and ceramic style back covers for a premium look and feel

• Fits in the palm of your hand with a gentle curved design for ergonomic comfort

• Upgradable memory up to 2TB with micro SD card and a replaceable high capacity 3,000mAh battery

Offer from Best Buy:

· Guaranteed $100 Best Buy® Gift Card when you purchase the LG G4. Offer valid LG G4 Release Date-6/13/15