I was provided a gift card and few promotional items from Folgers to share about the new Folgers Flavors. All opinions are 100% my own.

Let Folgers Flavors Coffee Enhancer #RemixYourCoffee

Don’t Settle for Boring Coffee

This is the time of the season I find my self enjoying a warm cup of coffee, more than normal. It is something about the colder weather, mixed with the warm sensation of a cup of Folgers coffee in my hands. I Love It!

This year I am partnering with Folgers Flavors to try, and #RemixYourCoffee. The idea of customizing your cup of joe, with either Vanilla, Mocha, Hazelnut, and/or Caramel.

One squeeze of Folgers Flavors Coffee Enhancer, and you can spin your favorite roasts any way you want. Your cup. Your way.

Let Folgers Flavors Coffee Enhancer #RemixYourCoffee

Folgers Flavors Coffee Enhancer

Mocha – Does your mug need a hint of chocolate bliss? Folgers Flavors Coffee Enhancer Mocha gives your coffee the sweet, melt-in-your mouth richness you’ve been craving.

Vanilla – Mellow, smooth, and the perfect complement to your coffee. Folgers Flavors Coffee Enhancer Vanilla will warm your cup with the comforting taste of home.

Caramel – Rich, buttery caramel flavor—right in your mug. Add a bit of pure delight to your cup with Folgers Flavors Coffee Enhancer Caramel.

Hazelnut – Folgers Flavors Coffee Enhancer Hazelnut is an inviting addition to any coffee. Remix your coffee, and savor the rich, nutty flavor and aroma.

I have always been a big fan of caramel, so when I made my cup of coffee tonight I squirted a little bit of the Caramel Flavor Enhancer. I also thought I should step outside the box and added a little Vanilla.

If you had a chance to try out the Folgers Flavor Enhancers, which one would favor?