Story Time – Laura’s Journey to the Stars

Just recently I have vowed to take the time to sit down everyday and read with my younger girls. Since then I have struggled keeping my four year olds attention, either cause of the story line or her involvement in the story. So this week I am trying the Laura’s Journey to the Stars app by Bastei Entertainment.

Joeli, my 4 yer old, loves her iPad, and knows how to use it well. So when we sit down, she goes straight to the Laura’s Journey to the Stars app and normally starts from the beginning of the story, even though she can pick up where she left off last. But, she enjoys the many animated scenes, and interactions on each of the pages. Joeli loves taking her time looking over the beautifully drawn illustrations by children’s book illustrator Klaus Baumgart. Each one of the pages seem to just come alive with movement and sounds appropriate of what is going on the page.

Features of Laura’s Journey to the Stars

  • Beautifully drawn illustrations by the popular children’s book illustrator Klaus Baumgart
  • More than 80 animated scenes, clever sound effects, and engaging mini games
  • Captivating narration by native speakers in three languages: English, German, and Mandarin Chinese
  • Intuitive, child-friendly controls
  • Social media sharing, volume and language controls, and library panel accessible via the title page’s teddy bear
  • No in-app purchases

Other children’s apps from the Laura’s Star series (available in iOS and Android)

  • Laura’s Star
  • Laura’s Secret
  • Laura’s Christmas Star

About Bastei Entertainment

Founded in 1953 and based in Cologne, Bastei Lübbe is one of Germany’s leading trade publishers. Home of bestselling authors David Baldacci, Dan Brown, Jeff Kinney, Ken Follett, Lesley Pearse and many more; it publishes more than 700 titles a year. In June 2010, Bastei Lübbe started its own digital department: Bastei Entertainment with the aim of encouraging new innovative product development and the creation of a global digital entertainment experience which covers everything from eBooks to apps and digitally enhanced products. With an in-house development team, unique multimedia content is continuously created with recent examples including Cotton FBI, which reinvents the hugely popular Jerry Cotton novels, first published in 1954, with over one billion copies sold in Germany alone.