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With the Thanksgiving season upon us, let’s talk about leading our families to greatness and gratefulness with Pastor Keith Craft.

#KeithCraftTalks Twitter Party

Keith Craft is the founder and lead pastor of Elevate Life Church in Frisco, Texas. He speaks in the world’s largest business/success seminars and has shared the stage with former world leaders such as Bill Clinton, George Bush, Mikhail Gorbachev, and Margaret Thatcher. For the past twenty years he has spoken alongside Super Bowl–winning coaches such as Mike Ditka, Don Shula, Mike Shanahan, and Tony Dungy; MVP quarterbacks such as Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana, and Peyton Manning; and entertainers such as Jerry Lewis, Bill Cosby, and Goldie Hawn. As a leadership coach and strategist, Craft is also the founder of Leadershipology.com, an online quote service.

Join us as we discuss teaching leadership and gratefulness to your children, especially in this season of Thanksgiving. Part of your greatness as a parent is to bring out the greatness in your children and leading them to find their 1%. We will have tips from Keith Craft’s best-selling book that was just re-released in paperback in October, Your Divine Fingerprint plus more.

#KeithCraftTalks Twitter Party

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