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I am sure most of us mobile phones with cameras. It seems to be a society standard to be able to capture a picture moment with your mobile device. I know weather if I am at home, or travelling I am grabbing pictures with my Nokia Lumia Icon. To some people it is important to be able to catch a priceless moment.


Traveling Mom is teaming up with Nokia to share how to relive that vacation experience with great photos. The Nokia Lumia Icon can capture the ultimate video experience with its 20MP image sensor and four high-performance microphones. Whether you are wanting to revive the sound of wave crashing on the Oregon Coast or your family running along a Florida beach, the Lumia can take you back there.


Smartphone Photography Tips

  • Find an Interesting Moment – It seems everyone can take a pictures and post on Instagram/Facebook. Why not take your picture to the next level. Like those sunset photos you love, why not shoot a shot with something happening in the foreground. ie someone walking, a seagull flying by, or something interesting.
  • Work Your Shot – Don’t just stand there, compose and snap one photo and move along. Maybe a better shot will come along in a minute, or in five minutes.
    Or perhaps you’d get a better photo of your subject by standing closer, or further away. Maybe the photo would look better from a lower angle, or a higher one. Or you can compose the same scene in a different way, or three different ways.

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