DODD Disclosure I have always been a disposable razor guy. They seemed cheap and easy to me, and were almost an afterthought on the occasional shopping trip. As I grew into my twenties, the various facial hair options available started to appeal more to me, and more importantly to the people to whom I was interested in appealing.



It was time to graduate to an adult razor- Panasonic Arc3

After reading the reviews of different models online and in various men’s magazines, I finally decided on the rechargeable Panasonic ES-RT77-S Arc3 electric shaver, based on its reasonable price (MSRP $129.99) and tremendous functionality.

The Shave Challenge

I decided to have a little fun with the Panasonic Arc3 and do a shave challenge with Jaden and Jaci. Both had the chance to shave my face with the new foil shaver. Check out the video to see who gave the smoothest shave.



What’s Inside the Panasonic Arc3

The first thing I noticed was that it felt very comfortable in my hand. It has a metal, rubberized body that fits like a glove. Its ergonomic design gave me easy control as I slid the pivoting head over my chin. It comes equipped with a 10,000 rpm motor, so I have all the power I need for some serious hair removal. The guide that came with it said it has three Nanotech blades under the Multi-fit Arc Foil that trims hair at the base. I just know I felt smooth and clean after using it.

The Attachments

The 45 degree trimmer with five-setting attachment comb snaps securely onto the shaver head for trimming and touch ups in lengths from 1 to 7 millimeters. This is the piece that really sold me on the Panasonic Arc3 electric shaver. It is awesome for achieving any length of stubble or trimming sideburns, mustache, or just general manscaping. It gets you looking as club-ready sharp or as baby-face smooth as you like.

The Convenience

It’s made to be used wet or dry so you can shave wherever you like, whether during a shower, in your car, or over the sink. At home or in the hotel room, the Lithium-Ion battery charges in an hour and provides 50 minutes of use. If you’re like me, that’s about 8 shaves on one charge. It cleans up easily simply by rinsing it in water. The Arc 3 also has hypo-allergenic blades, I’m blonde and my skin is a little sensitive so this feature suits me just fine.

The Decision

During my search, I read about more than a few razors that had uncomfortable handles, couldn’t hold a charge, or didn’t offer a wide range of trim length. In contrast with these and others in the same price range, the Panasonic Arc3 electric shaver fit all my needs. I was looking for an easy-to-use razor with plenty of styling options, and this one did the trick.

I have to say, I don’t miss those old disposables at all.