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We use Circle with Disney with our three daughters, and we have found it to be the best resource for controlling electronic devices in our home. We want our daughters to have access to technology, but we do not want them to be overrun with screen time. We have chosen to use Circle to control all the devices in our home, and this story explains how we do it.

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#1: We Homeschool

We homeschool our daughters because we want them to learn in a safe environment at home, and we use electronic devices for many of their lessons. We have set up the Circle app to lock down their tablets and computers to only educational sites. We prefer to allow them to use their devices while studying, but we want them to remain focused. Circle makes this process simpler, and we are able to monitor how much time they spend on each site.

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#2: Play Time

We want them to have play time after school is over, and we are using Circle to make this a possibility. The app allows us to set schedules for their computer or tablet use, and we may set a time limit. Our girls know when it is time to turn off their tablets, and the app will lock them out when time is up.

Circle with Disney

#3: Controlling TV Time

There are many different TV shows our girls love to watch, but we do not want them to watch TV all day. We have connected Circle to our TVs, and our girls cannot watch any more TV than we have programmed. The TV will shut itself off every night, and it will not allow them to watch more than a certain amount of TV in one stretch. We feel more comfortable with their screen time, and we may monitor their viewer get as needed.

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#4: We Are Pleased With Circle With Disney

Circle is an amazing resource that you may use in your home the same way that we are. We are using it to control what our girls see every day, and it helps them stay focused on school. We know that there are a number of families who would love to use Circle with Disney, and we are recommending it as much as we possibly can. Try it in your home with your family as we have, and you will find it is easy to monitor each device.