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Compared to the older generation, today’s generation is more open to new and unconventional ideas and this has made the current workforce a very unique lot. As the global economy continues to grow tight and as the population grows dramatically, few opportunities are left for the multitudes to fill up. This is why more unconventional job opportunities are coming up and as Jenny Theuman puts it, some of these professions where not classified as jobs in the past few decades. In her recollection, Jenny admits that growing as a child she never even knew that managing a zoo was a job at all.
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How Do You Contribute to Today’s Workforce

Today’s workforce deserves applauds for the imaginative and creative abilities that are evident all over the place. Zach Feary for instant earns a descent living from tasting games and quality assurance. This is an amazing occupation and who would have thought ten years ago that one can actually earn from just checking if a game is well created to give clients the ultimate thrill while playing. All these are good examples of today’s workforce that have resorted to creating jobs and a niche in the economy for themselves as opposed to waiting for that unforthcoming job opportunity. I believe the current workforce is worth of praise and reverence because it is people like Mike Perez that are true inspiration for the younger generation.

Perez, and ex-convict, chose to make good of his predicament when he was arrested and jailed. He utilized the time he served to learn skills and when he had done his time, he went out and faced life with a positive approach. Today he is a reputed chef with a very successful career. Stories of successful young men who have chosen to use the little in their hands to make a living are endless all over the world.
I think compared to the older generation, the current workforce has changed dramatically and more radical ideas are being brought to life such as remote work. Many businesses are using remote workforce management software to employ people remotely.
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The major difference between the current workforce and the older generation is the fact that the former is more open to making odd jobs look great. Decades ago, being a sous chef was considered a low life job and so was managing a zoo. The current generation has however changed this notion and it has turned the odd jobs into a gold mine. Most of the best performing industries currently include the entertainment industry, the hospitality industry, and the gaming industry among others. All these industries were considered low life decades ago.
We should celebrate the current workforce because it has brought changes in the general global economy by widening the scope of employment. The current workforce is more liberal and very committed to making a living. They are not afraid to do the presumed odd jobs and in the long run they are making a big difference in the society. In addition, the level of creativity is going up. Taking Mike Perez as living example, the current workforce is a hardworking lot that seems to only consider the sky o be the limit.