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Packing Tips for Parents from a Homewood Suites TravelMANager

If you’re on the go a lot with the kids, knowing how to get organized and make sure everyone has what they need may be a little challenging. Ensure that you have time for fun and spend less time worrying by following some of these tried and true answers for traveling with children.

Travel List




Making a list helps to organize your thoughts. This technique aids you in setting out what everyone needs and making sure it makes it into a bag or suitcase. Then, when you start out on your journey, you feel reassured that you didn’t forget anything. That lets you focus on spending time with the family and enjoying yourself.


Depending on the ages of your children and where you’re headed, decide on how much to pack and who needs what. Pack clothing appropriate to the weather for everyone. Don’t forget comfortable shoes!

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A fun idea for getting older kids involved in the process is to let them pack their bag. If you let them do this the day before, you’ll have to time to check and make additions to what they packed. If you don’t want to hurt their feelings or dampen enthusiasm, pack another small bag with anything they missed.


Take your toddler’s personal pillow and blankie. This addition will provide comfort and make bedtime easier as well as naps in the car. Having their personal belongings along helps them be more at ease in a new and strange place.

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Using a backpack is a practical alternative to a diaper bag. There are plenty of storage areas for all your needs. You then have easy access to maps, pens, snacks, diapers and wipes, and anything else you think up for your needs during the trip.

Overnight Bag

Another excellent idea is to pack a bag containing everything you need for that night’s stop. This kit may include clothing, pajamas, and a toothbrush. When you reach your destination, you will know exactly where the essentials for that night are, and it will be much easier to grab and go. If you’re tired and ready to get out of the car, this is much faster and easier than having to rummage through a suitcase to get a cranky kid ready for bed.

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Car Toys

Age appropriate travel toys are a necessity for keeping kids occupied. Some other ideas include taking along audio books, taking frequent breaks so kids can move, and bringing along books and crayons.


Bringing food along helps keep everyone happy. However, filling the children up with sugar is probably a bad idea. Take healthy munchies with you to keep them satisfied while maintaining your sanity.

Traveling with kids can be fun and sometimes it can get nerve-wracking. Focus on seeing the sights and spending this time away with your family making great memories. Being organized at the start will help you enjoy the journey and the destination with as little hassle as possible.

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