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Everyone normally likes a little curb appeal when it comes to their home. Weather you maintain your lawn for your own eyes or the ones around you, your beautiful lawn is an investment to enjoy. Now depending what part of the Country you reside in, is how you would attend to your lawn and landscape. Here in Texas, water can be a little sparse which makes it difficult to keep away brown spots. TruGreen lawn care would like to step in and release you of your lawn care worries.

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TruGreen Experience

TruGreen takes a scientific approach to a lawn you’ll love with Ph.D. agronomists developing the training for each TruGreen certified lawn specialist. TruGreen’s specialized lawn services are designed to specifically meet your lawn’s needs at key stages throughout the year based on climate, grass type, soil condition and usage. Partner with a TruGreen specialist for a tailored lawn plan to give your lawn exactly what it needs at just the right time to get the most out of your lawn. With passion and dedication in what they do you can’t go wrong with, TruGreen.

TruGreen wants to share some tips and facts with you about planing to care for your lawn this summer and fall.

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 Summer Tips

  • “Not all plant-damaging insects like the same types of grasses and trees,” Hamza said. “It’s important for a trained expert to assess the situation and take a tailored approach to address problem areas.”
  • In TruGreen’s three new summer webisodes, Jason Cameron, licensed contractor and TV host, talks about how your home can be judged by its lawn, especially important with the housing market rebound. In episode three, Cameron discusses cool season and warm season grasses and the need to pay close attention to signs of discoloration, patchy areas, and chewed grass blades and roots.
  • TruGreen’s survey also identified America’s lack of knowledge about the common causes of brown spots. Only 15 percent of homeowners knew bare spots can occur from too much water. In summer episode two, Cameron shares simple tips for proper watering of lawns, including placing a one-inch deep empty food can in the middle of your yard to measure depth of water collected each watering cycle. He also recommends watering in the early morning as watering later in the day may leave sitting water and cause problems with root rot or fungal diseases.

 Fall Tips

  •  And as you’re thinking ahead, remember that fall is the ideal time to prep lawns, trees and shrubs for spring’s growth cycle and the next home buying season.
  • Fall lawn tip #1: Use corrective pruning in the fall to prevent dead or overgrown plants from detracting from your home’s personality. Proper pruning in the fall can enhance a plant’s growth in the spring.
  • Fall lawn tip #2: Help your lawn breathe through fall core aeration to strengthen roots. And give lawn, tree and shrub roots a good fall feed to provide them the energy to prepare for a hard spring workout. Roots continue active growth before the dormant winter months and store reserves needed for growth in spring

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