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Compact Washer, Haier Compact Washer for Their Compact Dorm Room #HaierAmbassador, Days of a Domestic DadHave you ever not been prepared for something? Well for me it is going to be sending Wyatt off to college, and him living away from home. It is going to be a challenge for Staci and I to let go, and let him grow on his own. He has matured into a responsible young man, with his job and schooling. I have all the confidence he will be a able to take care of him self. I mean the boy can live off pizza rolls and cereal, so I don’t worry about him starving. Also, he should stay fresh, at least his cloths, with a compact washer I am sending with him.

Compact Washer for Their Compact Dorm Room

He laughed when he found out that I got a Haier Compact Washer for him to take to school for the year. At first he wasn’t on board, but after realizing he didn’t need to contend with other people in his dorm to wash cloths.

Compact Washer

Haier 1.0 cu in Compact Washer

I tried out the Haier Compact Washer at our local home improvment store, and liked the size and functionality it has to offer. It is realy more than what Wyatt will need while he is away from home. For someone that washes everything together in one load, the mode setting will be perfect. The solid housing and included hoses for water/drain connection are made to survive college dorm room.

Compact Washer, Haier Compact Washer for Their Compact Dorm Room #HaierAmbassador, Days of a Domestic Dad


Haier Compact Washer

  • This portable washer is ideal for small apartments and homes with space and utility constraints; lightweight with lift handles and/or heavy-duty casters, the washer can be easily setup for use and conveniently moved if needed
  • 1.0 cubic foot capacity stainless steel wash basket can handle up to 10 large men’s t-shirts
  • Outstanding cleaning performance and quiet operation
  • 3 wash cycles including heavy, normal and quick
  • 3 water levels and faucet controlled temperature
  • Easy cycle selection with electronic controls and LED indicators
  • Adjustable leveling feet for proper installation on uneven floors
  • Audible end-of-cycle signal
  • Accessories include heavy duty casters, quick connect sink adapter and water fill hose

Haier Compact Washer Basin

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