How do you use technology in your home to make your life easier? What if you could make things even simpler—using just your voice? This is what the Google Smart Light with Google Assistant can do!

Google Smart Light

Available at Best Buy, the Google Smart Light Starter Kit is a great addition to any home. Whether your home is filled with tech devices already or not, this starter kit is incredibly easy to set up and one of the lowest priced smart lighting products on the market.

For just $55 at Best Buy, you simply plug in the Google Home Mini, screw in the GE C-Life light bulb, and download the Google Home app. You’re now ready to control your lights with nothing more than your voice!

Things you could do in your home with the Google Smart Light Starter Kit include:

  • Set the mood – Dim the lights for a family movie night without leaving the couch.
  • Say goodnight – Create a routine so you can turn off the lights while staying cozy in bed.

Plus, when you use the Google Home Mini and GE C-Life smart bulb together, you can conserve energy, control your lights and do so much more.

Again, setup requires nothing more than plugging in your Google Home Mini, screwing the GE C-Life light bulb into your light fixture of choice, and downloading the app. Then just say “Hey Google” and direct it on how to dim, brighten, or turn on and turn off the lights.

How would you use the Google Smart Light Starter Kit in your home? 

Stop by your local Best Buy or visit to pick up your Google Smart Light Starter Kit for just $55!