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Google has rolled out its newest addition to the Chromebook family of notebook style devices.

The new Google Pixelbook has all the best features of a tablet, laptop, and a Smartphone. The Google Pixelbook also comes with an optional Pixelbook Pen.

Let’s take a look at some of the capabilities of this impressive piece of hardware.

Google Pixelbook

Google Pixelbook

The Pixelbook does it all. You can download and read books or stream movies, just like a tablet. The laptop capability allows you to create documents for work or take notes for school.

The GSuite app promises unlimited productivity. Documents are saved automatically with Google Drive while you work so you never lose your data.

Google Pixel chromebook tablet

This little powerhouse is the thinnest of the Chromebooks at just 10.3 mm thick. It weighs only 1 kilogram. The size and weight make it extremely portable. The 4 in 1 design allows you to flip the Pixelbook so that it is intent position by tucking the keyboard beneath to watch a movie or follow a recipe while cooking. The display is a 360° touchscreen.

Google Play is supported so you can access your favorite apps and games. Download streaming applications, like Netflix, Google Play Movies, and YouTube Red, to catch up on your favorite shows and videos on the go.

You can edit photos using Adobe Lightroom. This is the first laptop with the Google Assistant built into it with voice command recognition. With the purchase of the Pixelbook Pen you can write or draw on the screen, sign documents, and highlight images or text to request more information or take action.

Take notes using Google Keep. Sync with your phone if a mobile data connection is needed when Wi-Fi internet connectivity is weak or unavailable.

Google Pixel Chromebook

The Pixelbook runs on the Chrome OS operating system that boots up immediately, runs swiftly, automatically updates to the most recent version while online, protect from malware, and backs up data.

This notebook comes with 3 storage options with up to ½ a terabyte built into the device. With just a 15 minute recharge, the Pixelbook will run up to 10 hours on the battery.

Best Buy has the Google Pixelbook

Upgrading to the Google Pixelbook is easy at Best Buy. A $100 savings is available on the Pixelbook from 3/25 – 4/7. The Pixelbook Pen is sold as a separate accessory, subject to availability.

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