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Our lives push us forward at dizzying speeds; everyone needs a little space to relax and unwind. This is especially true for today’s busy dads. Having the opportunity to enjoy your favorite playlist or stream the big game anywhere in your home would make a good time relaxing even better. Fortunately, the good people at Best Buy and Google Chromecast Audio have the perfect piece of cutting edge technology to make this possible.

Google Chrome Cast

For much less than the cost of dinner and a concert, Google Chromecast Audio allows you to enjoy music on you home speakers directly from your PC, laptop, tablet, or phone; all with a wireless connection. By making use of a WiFi connection instead of Bluetooth technology, Chromecast Audio provides well-defined high-resolution sound. The compressed sound from Bluetooth cannot compare to the quality of sound this device delivers. The Chromecast Audio system is quick and simple to set up and it will not drain the battery of the device you are using to stream the music.

Google Chromecast Audio

Here are three great ways to enjoy using your Chromecast Audio system.

1. Enjoy your favorite music on the speakers in your home.
After a simple hook-up process, you can enjoy music from your playlists. The Chromecast System also features multi-room capability making the system perfect if you are listening to music while taking care of things in various parts of your house. You will still enjoy crystal-clear high-resolution sound driven by the Cloud.

Google Chromecast Audio

2. Use your phone to stream and get options.
Running Chromecast Audio through your phone lets you play, skip pause, and adjust the volume from any room in your home. This also allows you to call or text without interrupting the music. Simply choose what you want to hear and it streams that directly from the internet. You can stream music from Google Play and close the tab; the music will keep playing. This is really helpful because your battery will not drain while you enjoy your music as it does with a Bluetooth device. The quality of sound is much superior to Bluetooth as well.

3. Take advantage of hundreds of music apps.
There are so many great music apps available today and the Chromecast Audio system allows you access to millions of songs, radio programming, and more. If you are not sure which apps to try, be sure to check out to see what is available to you.

Stop by Best Buy soon or go online to get more details about the fantastic Chromecast Audio system and treat yourself to great entertainment at a great price.