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I recently attended a free Best Buy Camera Workshop. It was a class for novices interested in learning some basics to help increase skill level when taking photographs. I am a beginner with a new DSLR camera. I wanted to learn what I could do with my camera other than just using the auto mode feature, pointing, and shooting. The class I attended was all about taking photographs to create great Holiday Greeting Cards. The workshop was taught by a local photography expert knowledgeable in using Canon, Nikon, and Sony cameras.

The instructor explained what the aperture is and how to adjust the aperture opening in the lens on a DSLR camera to allow for more or less light in. Adjusting the aperture allows me to control how much of the image is in focus. This ups my game in the creativity area.

We also learned about ISO. Now, I think I am a smart guy, but ISO had me stumped. The instructor really took the time to help us understand that ISO is the sensitivity of the camera’s image sensor. For holiday cards I want some family photos. By changing the ISO I can snap action shots with a crisper image output. Or, I can still rely on the auto mode setting for those quick shots.

Best Buy Camera Experience

Shutter speed was another topic we discussed. The shutter is just what the name implies. It is like a shutter over a window that allows light in when opened. Again, I can use the auto mode feature on my camera to take care of the shutter speed. I wanted a really nice still portrait of the family. By manually adjusting the shutter speed, I can set up the photo to allow for a longer exposure on those still shots.

Best Buy Camera Experience

After attending the Best Buy Camera Workshop I feel more confident in my amateur photography skills. I invested in a nice camera with features I didn’t know how to use. The instructor was knowledgeable and very patient. She took the time to answer our questions.

Best Buy Camera Experience

The free workshops are held on Saturdays from 10 AM until 12 PM at more than 60 locations in the United States. You can sign up for a class at https://www.bestbuycameraexperienceshop.com/. You can also check out the portfolios of some of the instructors on the Best Buy website. The class sizes are limited to 30 participants, so I recommend signing up soon to take advantage of this great opportunity.